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A Python client for the New York Times Campaign Finance API

Project description

A very basic Python client for the New York Times [Campaign Finance API]( You’ll need an API key, which should be set as an environment variable to run the tests. The client returns JSON only, not full Python objects.


$ pip install nytcampfin

Or download and run

$ python install


Nytcampfin uses the [Kenneth Reitz’s Requests library]( for retrieving API endpoints and [Roman Haritonov’s requests-cache library]( for local caching. The cache is preconfigured to use a local sqlite database and set to expire after 5 minutes.


To run the tests, do the following:

$ python

The use of caching is disabled in the tests.


>>> from nytcampfin import NytCampfin

# retrieve today’s filings >>> today = >>> today[0][‘filing_id’] 793150

# retrieve a committee’s details >>> cmte = finance.committees.get(‘C00490219’,2012) >>> cmte[‘id’] u’C00490219’

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