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Command Line Interface for Oanda API

Project description


Command Line Interface for Oanda V20 REST API

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$ pip install -U oanda-cli

Docker image

The image is available at Docker Hub.

$ docker pull dceoy/oanda-cli

Getting started

  1. Create and edit a configuration YAML file.

    $ oanda-cli init
    $ vim oanda.yml     # => edit

    An account ID and an API token are required to be set in the configuration file.

  2. Execute commands.

    # Print information
    $ oanda-cli info account
    $ oanda-cli info instruments
    $ oanda-cli info positions
    # Fetch past rates
    $ oanda-cli track
    # Stream market prices or authorized account transactions
    $ oanda-cli stream                          # prices
    $ oanda-cli stream --target=transaction     # transactions
    # Close all positions
    $ oanda-cli close
    # Fetch transactions and visualize cumulative PL
    $ oanda-cli transaction --from=2020-09-01 --pl-graph=./pl.pdf


$ oanda-cli --help
Command Line Interface for Oanda API

    oanda-cli -h|--help
    oanda-cli --version
    oanda-cli init [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>]
    oanda-cli info [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>] [--json] <info_target>
    oanda-cli track [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>] [--csv-dir=<path>]
                    [--sqlite=<path>] [--granularity=<code>] [--count=<int>]
                    [--json] [--quiet] [<instrument>...]
    oanda-cli stream [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>] [--target=<str>]
                     [--timeout=<sec>] [--csv=<path>] [--sqlite=<path>]
                     [--use-redis] [--redis-host=<ip>] [--redis-port=<int>]
                     [--redis-db=<int>] [--redis-max-llen=<int>]
                     [--ignore-api-error] [--quiet] [<instrument>...]
    oanda-cli transaction [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>] [--from=<date>]
                          [--to=<date>] [--csv=<path>] [--sqlite=<path>]
                          [--pl-graph=<path>] [--json] [--quiet]
    oanda-cli plotpl [--debug|--info] <data_path> <graph_path>
    oanda-cli spread [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>] [--csv=<path>] [--quiet]
    oanda-cli close [--debug|--info] [--file=<yaml>] [<instrument>...]

    -h, --help          Print help and exit
    --version           Print version and exit
    --debug, --info     Execute a command with debug|info messages
    --file=<yaml>       Set a path to a YAML for configurations [$OANDA_YML]
    --quiet             Suppress messages
    --csv-dir=<path>    Write data with daily CSV in a directory
    --sqlite=<path>     Save data in an SQLite3 database
                        Set a granularity for rate tracking [default: S5]
    --count=<int>       Set a size for rate tracking (max: 5000) [default: 60]
    --json              Print data with JSON
    --target=<str>      Set a streaming target [default: pricing]
                        { pricing, transaction }
    --timeout=<sec>     Set senconds for response timeout
    --csv=<path>        Write data with CSV into a file
    --use-redis         Use Redis for data store
    --redis-host=<ip>   Set a Redis server host (override YAML configurations)
    --redis-port=<int>  Set a Redis server port (override YAML configurations)
    --redis-db=<int>    Set a Redis database (override YAML configurations)
                        Limit Redis list length (override YAML configurations)
    --ignore-api-error  Ignore Oanda API connection errors
    --from=<date>       Specify the starting time
    --to=<date>         Specify the ending time
    --pl-graph=<path>   Visualize PL in a graphics file such as PDF or PNG

    init                Create a YAML template for configuration
    info                Print information about <info_target>
    track               Fetch past rates
    stream              Stream market prices or authorized account events
    transaction         Fetch the latest transactions
    plotpl              Visualize cumulative PL in a file
    spread              Print the ratios of spread to price
    close               Close positions (if not <instrument>, close all)

    <info_target>       { instruments, prices, account, accounts, orders,
                          trades, positions, position, order_book,
                          position_book }
    <instrument>        { AUD_CAD, AUD_CHF, AUD_HKD, AUD_JPY, AUD_NZD, AUD_SGD,
                          AUD_USD, CAD_CHF, CAD_HKD, CAD_JPY, CAD_SGD, CHF_HKD,
                          CHF_JPY, CHF_ZAR, EUR_AUD, EUR_CAD, EUR_CHF, EUR_CZK,
                          EUR_DKK, EUR_GBP, EUR_HKD, EUR_HUF, EUR_JPY, EUR_NOK,
                          EUR_NZD, EUR_PLN, EUR_SEK, EUR_SGD, EUR_TRY, EUR_USD,
                          EUR_ZAR, GBP_AUD, GBP_CAD, GBP_CHF, GBP_HKD, GBP_JPY,
                          GBP_NZD, GBP_PLN, GBP_SGD, GBP_USD, GBP_ZAR, HKD_JPY,
                          NZD_CAD, NZD_CHF, NZD_HKD, NZD_JPY, NZD_SGD, NZD_USD,
                          SGD_CHF, SGD_HKD, SGD_JPY, TRY_JPY, USD_CAD, USD_CHF,
                          USD_CNH, USD_CZK, USD_DKK, USD_HKD, USD_HUF, USD_INR,
                          USD_JPY, USD_MXN, USD_NOK, USD_PLN, USD_SAR, USD_SEK,
                          USD_SGD, USD_THB, USD_TRY, USD_ZAR, ZAR_JPY }
    <data_path>         Path to an input CSV or SQLite file
    <graph_path>        Path to an output graphics file such as PDF or PNG

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