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OArepo module for tracking and updating references in Invenio records

Project description

OArepo references

OArepo module for tracking and updating references in Invenio records


To use this module in your Invenio application, run the following in your virtual environment:

    pip install oarepo-references


This module expects a canonical_url field present on your Record model. This field should contain a full canonical url reference to the Record instance, e.g.

class Record(FilesRecord):
    def canonical_url(self):
        return url_for('invenio_records_rest.recid_item',
                       pid_value=self['pid'], _external=True)

Types of reference

This module considers the following two types of reference that can occur the referencing objects:

Reference by link

Reference to another object is represented in the referencing object's metadata as a canonical_url of the referenced object, e.g:

  "links": {
    "attachments": "",
    "self": "",
    "works": ""

Inlined reference

The actual metadata content of the referenced object are inlined into the referencing object's metadata, e.g:

    "stylePeriod": {
        "id":	123,
        "level": 1,
        "links": {},
        "path": "/novovek-moderni-doba",
        "slug":	"novovek-moderni-doba",
        "startYear": 1789,
        "title": [],
        "tooltip": ""

In the example above, the complete metadata of a certain Taxonomic record are inlined into the stylePeriod field of the referencing object.


To enable reference tracking on your data model objects, you will need to do the following:

  • Tell Marshmallow, which fields of your marshmallow schema contain references by link by inheriting ReferenceByLinkFieldMixin:
class URLReferenceField(ReferenceByLinkFieldMixin, URL):
    """URL reference marshmallow field."""
  • If your Marshmallow Scheme holds inlined references, you will need to define a custom nested schema for inlined reference contents, that implements ref_url that returns an URL to be used as a reference to the object and inherits from InlineReferenceMixin, like this:
class InlinedReferenceSchema(InlineReferenceMixin, Schema):
    """Inlined reference schema."""
    class Meta:
        unknown = INCLUDE

    def ref_url(self, data):
        return data.get('links').get('self')

    def ref_uuid(self, data):
        return data.get('id', None)
  • Use the reference-enabled field in your Marshmallow schema:
class ExampleReferencesSchema(Schema):
    """Reference to other objects schema."""
    link = URLReferenceField()
    inlined = Nested(InlinedReferenceSchema)
  • Inherit your Record model from the ReferenceEnabledRecordMixin and MarshmallowValidatedRecordMixin. Doing so, will add support for automatic Record updates whenever some reference contained in Record metadata changes:
class ExampleRecord(MarshmallowValidatedRecordMixin,
    """References enabled example record class."""
    MARSHMALLOW_SCHEMA = ExampleReferencesSchema

    def canonical_url(self):
        return url_for('invenio_records_rest.recid_item',
                       pid_value=self['pid'], _external=True)


This module will register the following signal handlers on the Invenio Records signals that handle managing of reference records whenever a Record changes:

Invenio Records signal Registered signal handler Description
after_record_insert create_references_record Finds all references to other objects in a Record and creates RecordReference entries for each reference
after_record_update update_references_record Updates all RecordReferences that refer to the updated object and reindexes all referring Records
after_record_delete delete_references_record Deletes all RecordReferences referring to the deleted Record

Module API

You can access all the API functions this module exposes through the current_references proxy. For more info, see


An asynchronous (Celery) tasks could be launched in a group on all objects referring to a certain Record like this:

from oarepo_references.utils import run_task_on_referrers


Further documentation is available on

.. Copyright (C) 2019 Miroslav Bauer, CESNET.

oarepo-references is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the MIT License; see LICENSE file for more


Version 0.1.0 (released TBD)

  • Initial public release.

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