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A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic

Project description

A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic.

OAuth often seems complicated and difficult-to-implement. There are several prominent libraries for handling OAuth requests, but they all suffer from one or both of the following:

  1. They predate the OAuth 1.0 spec, AKA RFC 5849.
  2. They predate the OAuth 2.0 spec, AKA RFC 6749.
  3. They assume the usage of a specific HTTP request library.

OAuthLib is a generic utility which implements the logic of OAuth without assuming a specific HTTP request object or web framework. Use it to graft OAuth client support onto your favorite HTTP library, or provider support onto your favourite web framework. If you’re a maintainer of such a library, write a thin veneer on top of OAuthLib and get OAuth support for very little effort.


Full documentation is available on Read the Docs. All contributions are very welcome! The documentation is still quite sparse, please open an issue for what you’d like to know, or discuss it in our G+ community, or even better, send a pull request!

Interested in making OAuth requests?

Then you might be more interested in using requests which has OAuthLib powered OAuth support provided by the requests-oauthlib library.

Which web frameworks are supported?

The following packages provide OAuth support using OAuthLib.

If you have written an OAuthLib package that supports your favorite framework, please open a Pull Request, updating the documentation.

Using OAuthLib? Please get in touch!

Patching OAuth support onto an http request framework? Creating an OAuth provider extension for a web framework? Simply using OAuthLib to Get Things Done or to learn?

No matter which we’d love to hear from you in our G+ community or if you have anything in particular you would like to have, change or comment on don’t hesitate for a second to send a pull request or open an issue. We might be quite busy and therefore slow to reply but we love feedback!

Chances are you have run into something annoying that you wish there was documentation for, if you wish to gain eternal fame and glory, and a drink if we have the pleasure to run into eachother, please send a docs pull request =)


OAuthLib is yours to use and abuse according to the terms of the BSD license. Check the LICENSE file for full details.


OAuthLib is in active development, with the core of both OAuth 1 and 2 completed, for providers as well as clients. See supported features for details.

0.6.3: Quick fix. OAuth 1 client repr in 0.6.2 overwrote secrets when
scrubbing for print.


  • Numerous OAuth2 provider errors now suggest a status code of 401 instead of 400 (#247.
  • Added support for JSON web tokens with oauthlib.common.generate_signed_token. Install extra dependency with oauthlib[signedtoken] (#237).
  • OAuth2 scopes can be arbitrary objects with __str__ defined (#240).
  • OAuth 1 Clients can now register custom signature methods (#239).
  • Exposed new method oauthlib.oauth2.is_secure_transport that checks whether the given URL is HTTPS. Checks using this method can be disabled by setting the environment variable OAUTHLIB_INSECURE_TRANSPORT (#249).
  • OAuth1 clients now has __repr__ and will be printed with secrets scrubbed.
  • OAuth1 Client.get_oauth_params now takes an oauthlib.Request as an argument.
  • urldecode will now raise a much more informative error message on incorrectly encoded strings.
  • Plenty of typo and other doc fixes.

0.6.1: Draft revocation endpoint features and numerous fixes including

  • (OAuth 2 Provider) is_within_original_scope to check whether a refresh token is trying to aquire a new set of scopes that are a subset of the original scope.
  • (OAuth 2 Provider) expires_in token lifetime can be set per request.
  • (OAuth 2 Provider) client_authentication_required method added to differentiate between public and confidential clients.
  • (OAuth 2 Provider) rotate_refresh_token now indicates whether a new refresh token should be generated during token refresh or if old should be kept.
  • (OAuth 2 Provider) returned JSON headers no longer include charset.
  • (OAuth 2 Provider) validate_authorizatoin_request now also includes the internal request object in the returned dictionary. Note that this is not meant to be relied upon heavily and its interface might change.
  • and many style and typo fixes.

0.6.0: OAuth 1 & 2 provider API refactor with breaking changes

  • All endpoint methods change contract to return 3 values instead of 4. The new signature is headers, body, status code where the initial redirect_uri has been relocated to its rightful place inside headers as Location.
  • OAuth 1 Access Token Endpoint has a new required validator method invalidate_request_token.
  • OAuth 1 Authorization Endpoint now returns a 200 response instead of 302 on oob callbacks.

0.5.1: OAuth 1 provider fix for incorrect token param in nonce validation.

0.5.0: OAuth 1 provider refactor. OAuth 2 refresh token validation fix.

0.4.2: OAuth 2 draft to RFC. Removed OAuth 2 framework decorators.

0.4.1: Documentation corrections and various small code fixes.

0.4.0: OAuth 2 Provider support (experimental).

0.3.8: OAuth 2 Client now uses custom errors and raise on expire

0.3.7: OAuth 1 optional encoding of Client.sign return values

0.3.6: Revert default urlencoding.

0.3.5: Default unicode conversion (utf-8) and urlencoding of input.

0.3.4: A number of small features and bug fixes.

0.3.3: OAuth 1 Provider verify now return useful params

0.3.2: Fixed #62, all Python 3 tests pass.

0.3.1: Python 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 support (experimental)

0.3.0: Initial OAuth 2 client support

0.2.1: Exclude non urlencoded bodies during request verification

0.2.0: OAuth provider support

0.1.4: soft dependency on PyCrypto

0.1.3: use python-rsa instead of pycrypto.

0.1.1 / 0.1.2: Fix installation of pycrypto dependency.

0.1.0: OAuth 1 client functionality seems to be working. Hooray!

0.0.x: In the beginning, there was the word.

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