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Useful tools I need in many projects.

Project description


  1. Install it with pip install obelixtools


This is a small wrapper I wrote around the requests library. It has some extra features like a speedtest and connectivity check.

Basic use

from obelixtools import API
endpoint = API(url, 'json')

Speedtest and connectivity check

% python -m obelixtools
06-Oct-19 11:28:44 - obelixtools - INFO: Performing selftest with
06-Oct-19 11:28:44 - obelixtools - INFO: Connected to the internet.
06-Oct-19 11:28:44 - obelixtools - INFO: Performing speedtest with
06-Oct-19 11:29:11 - obelixtools - INFO: Connection speed is 3MB/sµ


.url : str

The URL of the API.

.format : str

Define a certain data format for the data return by the API. This can by either json, xml or raw. Any other value will sit it to raw.


The content of the API response after postprocessing. Postprocessing happens by setting .format


.query(url : str, optional) -> bool

Fetched the data from the API if the age of the existing data in .content is older than .last_update. This timeout is ignored if url is set (useful for speedtests).

.check_connection(url='', timeout=5) -> bool

Fetches the given url and and returns True if the servers returns a status code 200 and False otherwise. Comprehensive log messages are passed to the loggin module.

.speedtest(url='') -> bool

Downloads the file provided at the given url and returns the speed in bytes per second. The logging module received a log message with humand readable speed (e.g. kB/s, MB/s...)

Project details

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obelixtools-1.1.1.tar.gz (3.8 kB view hashes)

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obelixtools-1.1.1-py2-none-any.whl (5.2 kB view hashes)

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