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provides a drop-in replacement for click, extending it to work in various OOP contexts

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objclick provides a drop-in replacement for click, extending it to work in various OOP contexts.

click is a very nice package for quickly and easily defining composable command-line interfaces in a declarative manner by stacking decorators on top of functions that implement the "main" functions of a commands.

However, by design, it does not play well in OOP contexts. In particular, it is not so easy to promote an instance method of a class to a click command. This package attempts to rectify that by providing wrappers around click that also play well with classes in some cases.

To give a motivating example, say you have a base class that implements a CLI:

>>> import objclick as click
>>> import abc
>>> class BaseService(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
...     def explain(self):
...         """Explain this service; must be implemented by subclasses."""
...     @click.command()
...     def main(self):
...         print('Hello, let me tell you about myself.')
...         self.explain()

This class must now be subclassed with an implementation of explain, but the subclass need not re-implement the rest of the CLI:

>>> class MyService(BaseService):
...     def explain(self):
...         print(f'I am an instance of {self.__class__.__name__}.')

Since MyService.main is an instance method, we cannot simply call MyService.main() to run the "main" function of CLI. Just like with a normal instance method of a class, we must instantiate the class first and call the method on the instance:

>>> service = MyService()
>>> service.main([], standalone_mode=False)
Hello, let me tell you about myself.
I am an instance of MyService.

(note: standalone_mode is a standard argument to click main functions that is useful for testing commands.)

The inititial version of this package is still experimental, but it implements a number of other useful cases.

One such case is given by the classgroup decorator. This allows defining a command group on a classmethod-like method that is bound to the class rather than an instance of the class. In the common case where a classmethod implements an alternative constructor for a class, if the classgroup returns an instance of the class it's define on, this instance will be passed as the self argument to any instance methods that are added as subcommands of the group.

For example, here is command group that takes a --config option, as a configuration is needed to instantiate the Service class. All subcommands of Service.main can then access the configuration:

>>> import objclick as click
>>> import json, pprint
>>> class Service:
...     def __init__(self, config):
...         """Instantiate `Service` with a configuration dict."""
...         self.config = config
...     @click.classgroup()
...     @click.option('--config', type=click.File())
...     def main(cls, config=None):
...         if config is not None:
...             with config as f:
...                 config = json.load(f)
...         else:
...             config = {}
...         print(f'Starting up {cls.__name__}...')
...         return cls(config)
...     @main.command()
...     def show_config(self):
...         print('Config:', end=' ')
...         pprint.pprint(self.config)

Now the CLI defined by Service can be invoked like:

>>> import tempfile
>>> config = {'option1': 'a', 'option2': 'b'}
>>> with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='w') as f:
...     json.dump(config, f)
...     f.flush()
...     # like ` --config <config-file> show-config`
...     args = ['--config',, 'show-config']
...     Service.main(args, standalone_mode=False)
Starting up Service...
Config: {'option1': 'a', 'option2': 'b'}

objclick Changelog

v0.1.1 (2020-10-02)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with calling the callback of a classcommand or a classgroup via super() in a subclass.

v0.1.0 (2020-10-01)

  • Initial release.

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