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Simple Python VFS module

Project description

PyVFS is a simple pure Python VFS library. It consists of several layers, allowing to use different low-level protocol implementations. Now you can choose between 9p (9p2000.u) and FUSE (you should have python-py9p or python-fuse installed).

The library has several options to control access to the filesystem, from FUSE restrictions to PKI client authentication in 9p2000 protocol. You can mount your FS with TCP/IP or UNIX sockets, or simply browse it with 9p clients without mounting.

The simplest example. Environment variables:

export PYVFS_PROTO=9p
export PYVFS_ADDRESS=/tmp/socket

Your script:

# import server
from pyvfs.utils import Server
# create it
srv = Server()
# start it in foreground

Client side, 9p + UNIX socket:

$ sudo mount -t 9p -o trans=unix /tmp/socket /mnt


ObjectFS (pyvfs.objectfs) is a library that allows you to export your Python objects on a dynamic filesystem. ObjectFS integration is extremely simple and engages only the decorator import and usage. The developer should not care about almost any of fs-related issues. Objects of the decorated classes will automatically appear as file trees on a dynamic filesystem with read/write access.

Example. Environment variables:

export PYVFS_PROTO=fuse

Your script:

# simply import the library in your code
from pyvfs.objectfs import export
# decorate a class
class MyClass(object):
    some code

Client side (already mounted!):

# ls -l ~/mnt


Also you can write your own applications with PyVFS. E.g., one can utilize file I/O as an RPC interface, or use a dynamic filesystem for runtime service configuration.

More details in the documentation and examples.


0.2.9 – Mesoarchean

  • unicode literals fixed

0.2.8 – Paleoarchean

  • directory listing fixes

0.2.7 – Eoarchaean

  • support authentication options

  • support setuid, setgid, sticky bits

0.2.6 – Hadean

  • initial pypi release

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