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obs-cli is a command-line interface for OBS Studio.

It allows you to control OBS Studio from the command line, making it easier to automate scene switching, source toggling, and more.

This implementation of obs-cli is:

⚠️ Only the new OBS WebSocket API (v5) is supported!

💻 Installation

You can install obs-cli using pip(x):

# pipx
pipx install obs-cli

# pip
pip install --user obs-cli

🛠️ Usage

Here's the general usage of obs-cli:

obs-cli --help

This will show you the available commands and options.

🌟 Features

🎞️ Scene Management

You can manage scenes using the scene command:

obs-cli scene --help

For example, to switch to a scene named "Scene2":

obs-cli scene switch --scene "Scene2"

To list all scenes:

obs-cli scene list

📦 Item Management

You can manage scene items using the item command:

obs-cli item --help

For example, to hide an item named "Item1" in a scene named "Scene2":

obs-cli item hide --scene "Scene2" "Item1"

And to show it:

obs-cli item show --scene "Scene2" "Item1"

To list all items in a scene:

obs-cli item list --scene "Scene2"

🎤 Input Management

You can manage inputs using the input command:

obs-cli input --help

For example, to get the settings of an input named "Mic/Aux":

obs-cli input get "Mic/Aux"

To list all inputs:

obs-cli input list

🎨 Filter Management

You can manage filters using the filter command:

obs-cli filter --help

For example, to enable a filter named "Filter1" on an input named "Mic/Aux":

obs-cli filter enable "Mic/Aux" "Filter1"

And to disable it:

obs-cli filter disable "Mic/Aux" "Filter1"

To list all filters on an input:

obs-cli filter list "Mic/Aux"

⌨️ Hotkey Management

You can manage hotkeys using the hotkey command:

obs-cli hotkey --help

For example, to trigger a hotkey named "Hotkey1":

obs-cli hotkey trigger "Hotkey1"

To list all hotkeys:

obs-cli hotkey list

🎥 Virtual Camera Management

You can manage the virtual camera using the virtualcam command:

obs-cli virtualcam --help

For example, to start the virtual camera:

obs-cli virtualcam start

To stop the virtual camera:

obs-cli virtualcam stop

To toggle the virtual camera:

obs-cli virtualcam toggle

To get the status of the virtual camera:

obs-cli virtualcam status

📡 Stream Management

You can manage the stream using the stream command:

obs-cli stream --help

For example, to start streaming:

obs-cli stream start

To stop streaming:

obs-cli stream stop

To toggle streaming:

obs-cli stream toggle

To get the status of the stream:

obs-cli stream status

🎥 Record Management

You can manage recording using the record command:

obs-cli record --help

For example, to start recording:

obs-cli record start

To stop recording:

obs-cli record stop

To toggle recording:

obs-cli record toggle

To get the status of the recording:

obs-cli record status

📄 License

This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.

See LICENSE for more information.

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