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odoo-pre-commit-hooks to use in pre-commit-config.yml files

Project description

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OCA's custom pre-commit hooks for Odoo modules


You don't need to install it directly only configure your ".pre-commit-config.yaml" file

You even can install it directly:

Usage pre-commit-config.yaml

Add to your ".pre-commit-config.yaml" configuration file the following input

    - repo:
        rev: v0.0.9
        - id: oca-checks-odoo-module

Usage directly the entry points

If you install directly the package use the entry point:

oca-checks-odoo-module --help


  • Check manifest-syntax-error Check if the manifest file has syntax error

  • Check missing-readme Check if a README file is missing

  • Check csv-duplicate-record-id duplicate CSV "id" AKA xmlid but for CSV files

  • Check csv-syntax-error Check syntax error for CSV files declared in the manifest

  • Check po-requires-module Translation entry requires comment '#. module: MODULE'

  • Check po-python-parse-printf Check if 'msgid' is using 'str' variables like '%s' So translation 'msgstr' must be the same number of variables too

  • Check po-python-parse-format Check if 'msgid' is using 'str' variables like '{}' So translation 'msgstr' must be the same number of variables too

  • Check po-duplicate-message-definition (message-id) in all entries of PO files

      We are not using `check_for_duplicates` parameter of polib.pofile method
          e.g. polib.pofile(..., check_for_duplicates=True)
      Because the output is:
          raise ValueError('Entry "%s" already exists' % entry.msgid)
      It doesn't show the number of lines duplicated
      and it shows the entire string of the message_id without truncating it
      or replacing newlines
  • Check po-syntax-error Check syntax of PO files from i18n* folders

  • Check xml-redundant-module-name

      If the module is called "module_a" and the xmlid is
      <record id="module_a.xmlid_name1" ...
      The "module_a." is redundant it could be replaced to only
      <record id="xmlid_name1" ...
  • Check xml-dangerous-filter-wo-user Check dangerous filter without a user assigned.

  • Check xml-create-user-wo-reset-password records of user without context="{'no_reset_password': True}" This context avoid send email and mail log warning

  • Check xml-view-dangerous-replace-low-priority in ir.ui.view

          <field name="priority" eval="10"/>
              <field name="name" position="replace"/>
  • Check xml-deprecated-tree-attribute The tree-view declaration is using a deprecated attribute.

  • Check xml-dangerous-qweb-replace-low-priority Dangerous qweb view defined with low priority

  • Check xml-deprecated-data-node Deprecated node inside xml node

  • Check xml-deprecated-openerp-xml-node deprecated xml node

  • Check xml-deprecated-qweb-directive for use of deprecated QWeb directives t-*-options

  • Check xml-not-valid-char-link The resource in in src/href contains a not valid character.

  • Check xml-duplicate-record-id

      If a module has duplicated record_id AKA xml_ids
          <record id="xmlid_name1"
          <record id="xmlid_name1"
  • Check xml-duplicate-fields in all record nodes <record id="xmlid_name1"... <field name="field_name1"... <field name="field_name1"...

  • Check xml-syntax-error Check syntax of XML files declared in the Odoo manifest


usage: oca-checks-odoo-module [-h] [--no-verbose] [--no-exit]
                              [--disable DISABLE] [--enable ENABLE]
                              [filenames_or_modules [filenames_or_modules ...]]

positional arguments:
  filenames_or_modules  Odoo paths or Odoo module paths.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --no-verbose          If enabled so disable verbose mode.
  --no-exit             If enabled so it will not call exit.
  --disable DISABLE, -d DISABLE
                        Disable the checker with the given 'check-name',
                        separated by commas.
  --enable ENABLE, -e ENABLE
                        Enable the checker with the given 'check-name',
                        separated by commas. Default: All checks are enabled
                        by default



This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.



  • Bump version: 0.0.8 → 0.0.9
  • [FIX] README: Fix regex to replace autogenerated content (#18)
  • [REF] README: Detect from CI if README needs to be updated (#17)


  • Bump version: 0.0.7 → 0.0.8
  • [REF] README: Add examples of checks section and script to auto-generate it (#16)
  • [REF] README: Add help section and script to auto-generate it (#15)


  • Bump version: 0.0.6 → 0.0.7
  • [REF] checks: name_checks changed to name-checks (#14)
  • [REF] oca_pre_commit_hooks: Use shorter path in messages (#13)
  • [FIX] pre-commit-hooks.yaml: Run checks even if the manifest was not changed
  • [REF] test: Remove TODO comments already fixed


  • Bump version: 0.0.5 → 0.0.6
  • [FIX] oca_pre_commit_hooks: Fix checks if it has syntax error (#8)


  • Bump version: 0.0.4 → 0.0.5
  • [REF] oca_pre_commit_hooks: Small improvements (#7)


  • Bump version: 0.0.3 → 0.0.4
  • [IMP] oca_pre_commit_hooks: Enable feature to 'enable' checks (#6)
  • [IMP] oca_pre_commit_hooks: Add entrypoint arguments to disable checks (#5)


  • Bump version: 0.0.2 → 0.0.3
  • [REF] README: Remove deprecated CI build


  • Bump version: 0.0.1 → 0.0.2
  • [REF] CI: Re-use tox to run pre-commit in the CI with same caches and packages
  • [ADD] .pre-commit-hooks.yaml: Compatible with pre-commit-hooks to use as hook id directly


  • [ADD] Migrate pylint-odoo checks (not related to python) to pre-commit hooks (#2)
  • Initialize

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