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Pylint plugin for OCA

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# OCA pylint plugin

Enable custom checks for OCA modules.

[//]: # (checks) Code | Description | short name — | — | — C7902 | Missing ./README.rst file. Template here: %s | missing-readme C8101 | Missing author required “%s” in manifest file | manifest-required-author C8102 | Missing required key “%s” in manifest file | manifest-required-key C8103 | Deprecated key “%s” in manifest file | manifest-deprecated-key C8104 | Use CamelCase “%s” in class name “%s”. You can use oca-autopep8 of to auto fix it. | class-camelcase C8105 | License “%s” not allowed in manifest file. | license-allowed C8201 | No UTF-8 coding comment found: Use # coding: utf-8 or # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- | no-utf8-coding-comment E7901 | %s:%s %s | rst-syntax-error E7902 | %s error: %s | xml-syntax-error R8101 | Import Warning should be renamed as UserError from openerp.exceptions import Warning as UserError | openerp-exception-warning W7901 | Dangerous filter without explicit user_id in xml_id %s | dangerous-filter-wo-user W7902 | Duplicate xml record id %s | duplicate-xml-record-id W7903 | %s | javascript-lint W8101 | Detected and api.multi decorators together. | api-one-multi-together W8102 | Missing or api.multi in copy function. | copy-wo-api-one W8103 | Translation method _(“string”) in fields is not necessary. | translation-field W8104 | deprecated | api-one-deprecated W8105 | attribute “%s” deprecated | attribute-deprecated W8106 | Missing super call in “%s” method. | method-required-super W8201 | Incoherent interpreter comment and executable permission. Interpreter: [%s] Exec perm: %s | incoherent-interpreter-exec-perm W8202 | Use of vim comment | use-vim-comment

[//]: # (end checks)

## Install # pip install –upgrade git+


# pip install –upgrade –pre oca-pylint-plugin

## Usage

pylint –load-plugins=pylint_oca -e odoolint …

Example to test just odoo-lint case:

touch {ADDONS-PATH}/

pylint –load-plugins=pylint_oca -d all -e odoolint {ADDONS-PATH}



  • [REF] .travis.yml: Auto generate ChangeLog


  • [REF] setup: Enable changelog
  • Update


  • [REF] incoherent-interpreter-exec-perm: Add explicit message of how to fix it
  • [IMP] Add messages2md method and add all messagess to file
  • [IMP] Add check for method-required-super
  • [IMP] deprecated-attributes: Add check to depreated attributes
  • [IMP] Add license allowed check
  • Add docstring and typo
  • [IMP] api-one-deprecated: Enable check of deprecated decorator
  • [REF] .coveragerc: Add except OSError
  • [REF] jslint: Try-except if jshint is not installed
  • [IMP] jslint: Add new check to javascript files with jshint
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Fix coveralls dependency
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Add comments and add coverage report
  • [IMP] jslint: Add check of lint to js files
  • [REF] .travis.yml: testing speed of build without ignore installed parameters
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Remove deprecated download-cache in pip command
  • squash
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Remove lxml from requirements.txt just in travis build
  • dummy-commit
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Use of ignore-installed and download-cache in pip install command
  • [REF] rst-syntax-error: Use of restructuredtext_lint package
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Fix cache pip


  • [REF] .travis.yml: Fixing cache
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Enable pypi deploy in tags
  • [FIX] == ‘_’: AttributeError: ‘Getattr’ object has no attribute ‘name’


  • [REF] misc: Fix except style
  • [IMP] Enable check to verify fields with _(‘string’)
  • Update
  • Update



  • [REF] support code-block with pygments. Fix OCA/maintainer-quality-tools#250
  • Update
  • Update


  • [REF] encoding: Avoid encoding check in file
  • typo


  • [FIX] unicode strip error
  • Update
  • [REF] Readme: Adding pypi badge


  • [REF] coding comment: Suppport # coding: utf-8


  • [FIX] Fix manifest double dict=dict


  • [REF] xml-syntax-error: Add one line per file. [REF] extension: Support to upper case


  • [FIX] Enable check and fix xml syntax error
  • Update
  • Update


  • [REF] checkers: Support spaces between each author
  • [REF] misc: Fix UnicodeDecodeError in xml read
  • [REF] Adding testing without manifest file
  • [REF] Adding testing disabling
  • [ADD] test_module
  • [REF] Testing supress case
  • [REF] Add unitest
  • [REF] Change directory structure
  • mv tests->pylint_oca/test
  • [FIX] lxml requirements
  • [ADD] basic tests
  • [ADD] .travis.yml: Enable travis file

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