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A library and reference implementation for merging OCDS releases

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This Python package helps to create records that conform to the Open Contracting Data Standard. Specifically, it provides functions for merging OCDS releases with the same OCID into either a compiled release or a versioned release.

pip install ocdsmerge


The two main functions are merge and merge_versioned. They take OCDS releases as input, and return a compiled release or a versioned release as output, respectively. For example:

import ocdsmerge

# In a real-world example, the OCDS releases might be loaded from JSON files.
releases = [
        "ocid": "ocds-213czf-A",
        "id": "1",
        "date": "2014-01-01",
        "tag": ["tender"],
        "initiationType": "tender",
        "tender": {
            "id": "A",
            "procurementMethod": "selective"
        "ocid": "ocds-213czf-A",
        "id": "2",
        "date": "2014-01-02",
        "tag": ["tender"],
        "initiationType": "tender",
        "tender": {
            "id": "A",
            "procurementMethod": "open"

compiledRelease = ocdsmerge.merge(releases)

versionedRelease = ocdsmerge.merge_versioned(releases)

You can then create an OCDS record using the compiledRelease and versionedRelease.

Important caveats

  • You must ensure that the OCDS releases that you provide as input have the same OCID.
  • If you are using an older version of the OCDS release schema, you must specify the older schema as a URL, file path, or Python dictionary (see below).
  • If you are using OCDS extensions, you should patch the OCDS release schema (for instance, using json-merge-patch) and specify the patched schema as a URL, file path, or Python dictionary.

Using different release schema

By default, the merge and merge_versioned functions use the latest version of the OCDS release schema, which they download once. However, you may want to use an older version, an extended schema, or a local schema to avoid remote requests. To do so, use the optional schema argument, which can be:

  • A URL to a release schema, as a string starting with http
  • A file path to a release schema, as a string
  • a release schema, as a Python dictionary
ocdsmerge.merge(releases, schema='')

# Relative file path
ocdsmerge.merge(releases, schema='release-schema.json')

# Absolute file path
ocdsmerge.merge(releases, schema='/absolute/path/to/release-schema.json')

# A Python dictionary, stored in a `release_schema` variable
ocdsmerge.merge(releases, schema=release_schema)

Using cached merge rules

The merge and merge_versioned functions extract merge rules from the release schema. If the release schema were provided as a string (i.e. as a URL or file path), then these merge rules are automatically cached between function calls. However, if it were provided as a Python dictionary, then they won’t be cached. To manually cache merge rules, use the get_merge_rules function:

merge_rules = ocdsmerge.get_merge_rules('release-schema.json')

ocdsmerge.merge(releases, merge_rules=merge_rules)

Reference implementation

This package serves as a reference implementation of OCDS merging. You can read its code in

Test cases

We provide test cases for other implementations of OCDS merging under the tests/fixtures directory. The 1.0 and 1.1 directories contain files like simple.json, which contain a list of OCDS releases as JSON; the suffixed simple-compiled.json and simple-versioned.json files contain the expected compiled release and versioned release respectively. To test your implementation, provide as input a file like simple.json as well as the appropriate version of the OCDS release schema, and compare your output to files like simple-compiled.json and simple-versioned.json.

To prepare your implementation for future versions and third-party extensions, you can test your implementation using the files under the schema directory and using the schema in the schema.json file.

In future, we can consider providing a more formal test suite, like those for CSV on the Web.

Copyright (c) 2015 Open Contracting Partnership, released under the BSD license

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