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🐳 Ocean Provider.

Project description


REST API for provider of data services

This is part of the Ocean Protocol V3 tools.

This is feature complete and is a BETA version.

Starting the server locally

Quick start

Uses the rinkeby network with a remote metadatastore instance running at

git clone
cd provider-py/

virtualenv venv -p python3.6
source venv/bin/activate 

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
export FLASK_APP=ocean_provider/
export CONFIG_FILE=config.ini
export PROVIDER_ADDRESS="068ed00cf0441e4829d9784fcbe7b9e26d4bd8d0"
export PROVIDER_PASSWORD="secret"
export PROVIDER_KEYFILE="tests/resources/provider_key_file.json"
export AQUARIUS_URL=""

export PARITY_ADDRESS1="0x00bd138abd70e2f00903268f3db08f2d25677c9e"
export PARITY_PASSWORD1="node0"
export PARITY_KEYFILE1="tests/resources/consumer_key_file.json"

flask run --port=8030

Detailed steps

1. Clone the repo

git clone
cd provider-py/

2. Virtual env (optional)

Before running it locally we recommend to set up virtual environment:

virtualenv venv -p python3.6
# OR: python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate 

3. Requirements

Install all the requirements:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

4. Dependencies

Metadata store (Aquarius). Do one of the following:

  • Run Aquarius locally, see
  • Point to a remote instance such as In this case replace the aquarius.url option in the config.ini file with the appropriate URL.

Ethereum network. Do one of the following:

  • Run ganache-cli
  • Point to rinkeby testnet or any other ethereum network

Make sure that ocean contracts ( are deployed to the your network of choice. Update the network option in the config.ini file with the proper network URL. For now it must be a URL, a simple network name (e.g. mainnet) will be supported in the future.

5. Start the provider server

export FLASK_APP=ocean_provider/
export CONFIG_FILE=config.ini
export PROVIDER_ADDRESS="your ethereum address goes here"
# Set one of the following
export PROVIDER_KEY="the private key"
export PROVIDER_ENCRYPTED_KEY="The encrypted key json from the keyfile"
export PROVIDER_KEYFILE="path to the keyfile which has the encrypted key"
# and set the password if using either PROVIDER_KEYFILE or PROVIDER_ENCRYPTED_KEY
export PROVIDER_PASSWORD="password to allow decrypting the encrypted key"

flask run --port=8030

Refer to the file for endpoints and payloads.

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