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pixel-classifier based page segmentation

Project description

page-segmentation module for OCR-d


This module implements a page segmentation algorithm based on a Fully Convolutional Network (FCN). The FCN creates a classification for each pixel in a binary image. This result is then segmented per class using XY cuts.


  • For GPU-Support: CUDA and CUDNN
  • other requirements are installed via Makefile / pip, see requirements.txt in repository root.


If you want to use GPU support, set the environment variable TENSORFLOW_GPU to a nonempty value, otherwise leave it unset. Then:

make deps

to install dependencies and

make install

to install the package.

Both are python packages installed via pip, so you may want to activate a virtalenv before installing.


ocrd-pc-segmentation follows the ocrd CLI.

It expects a binary page image and produces region entries in the PageXML file.


The following parameters are recognized in the JSON parameter file:

  • overwrite_regions: remove previously existing text regions
  • xheight: height of character "x" in pixels used during training.
  • model: pixel-classifier model path. The special values __DEFAULT__ and __LEGACY__ load the bundled default model or previous default model respectively.
  • gpu_allow_growth: required for GPU use with some graphic cards (set to true, if you get CUDNN_INTERNAL_ERROR)
  • resize_height: scale down pixelclassifier output to this height before postprocessing. Independent of training / used model. (performance / quality tradeoff, defaults to 300)


There is a simple CLI test, that will run the tool on a single image from the assets repository.

make test-cli


To train models for the pixel classifier, see its README

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