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Library used to check the OCSP revocation status for a x509 digital certificate.

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OCSP-Checker is a python package based on Alban Diquet's nassl wrapper and the Python Cryptographic Authority's cryptography package. Relying on a web browser to check the revocation status of a x509 digital certificate has been broken from the beginning, and validating certificates outside of the web browser is a manual process. OCSP-Checker aims to solve this by providing an automated means to check the OCSP revocation status for a x509 digital certificate.


Python - Python 3.7 (64-bit) and above.


It is strongly recommended to run ocsp-checker in a virtual environment. This will prevent you from impacting your system python when installing its dependencies. venv is a good option, with an example below:

python -m venv ocsp-checker cd ocsp-checker && source bin/activate

Once your virtual environment is activated, install ocsp-checker as follows:

pip install ocsp-checker


>>> from ocspchecker import ocspchecker
>>> ocsp_request = ocspchecker.get_ocsp_status("")

Sample Output

Sample output below, let me know if you want to add more fields/information to the output.

['Host:', 'OCSP URL:', 'OCSP Status: GOOD']

PLEASE NOTE: If you run this on a network with a MITM SSL proxy, you may receive unintended results (see below):

["Error: Certificate Authority Information Access (AIA) Extension Missing. Possible MITM Proxy."]

Command Line Usage

OCSP-Checker can now be used at the command line. The format is:

usage: ocspchecker [-h] --target target [--port port]

Check the OCSP revocation status for a x509 digital certificate.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --target target, -t target
                        The target to test
  --port port, -p port  The port to test (default is 443)

For example:

ocspchecker -t

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