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Project description

# Octario

**Openstack Component Testing Ansible Roles**

Octario is a collection of Ansible roles and playbooks for testing Openstack Components on RHEL/CentOS.

It supports the following testers or test frameworks:

* PEP8
* unit
* functional
* fullstack
* API (In-Tree)
* Tempest
* Robot

### Requirements

1. ansible installed on the system ( ansible >= 2 ).
2. Component source code. Can be downloaded using `git clone git://<component_name>.git`.

Note: `octario` is not provisioning the node on which it will run the tests. It's assumed
that the tester node is provided by the user by specifying it in the hosts file.

## Run Octario

First, create an inventory file that will include the IP address or the hostname of your tester node.

vi hosts

my_tester_host ansible_user=cloud-user

Edit `octario.yml` with your component details. Make sure to specify name and version!

name: nova
version: 9

Run octario!. Choose one of testers and run the following command in octario root directory

ansible-playbook -vvv -i hosts playbooks/pep8.yml --extra-vars @octario.yml

pep8.yml can be replaced with [unittest, functional, api, scenario].yml

### Custom tester

You can specify your own tester

export TESTER=my_new_cool_tester
ansible-playbook -vvv -i hosts playbooks/custom-tester.yml --extra-vars @octario.yml

### External ROLES

You can use external role with `octario`.

cp -r new_role octario/roles
export ROLE=new_role
ansible-playbook -vvv -i hosts playbooks/custom-role.yml --extra-vars @octario.yml

## How it works

The following drawing added to simplify work-flow overview of `octario` for simple testers
as pep8, unittest and functional.

<div align="center"><img src="./doc/octario_workflow.png" alt="Octario work-flow"></div><hr />

### Patch RPMs

The following drawing describes specifically how RPM patching done with Octario.

To inclue patch_rpm role, run playbooks/<tester>-with-patching.yml

<div align="center"><img src="./doc/patch_rpm.png" alt="Octario patch rpm work-flow"></div><hr />

## More Docs

See the [/doc]( directory of this repo.

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