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Unofficial Octoparse API client.

Project description


Python 3.6 Python 3.7 Python 3.8


Unofficial Octoparse API client in python

With support for Advanced API and China as well


use pip to install:

pip install octoparse


3 methods are supported as below:

1) Support for ENV variables

Include the following as environment variables:

export OCTOPARSE_USERNAME=octoparse_user
export OCTOPARSE_PASSWORD=octoparse_passwd
2) Support for .env file

Include the following in .env file in script directory:

3) Manual input of username & password

Input username & password manually once from prompt:

Enter Octoparse Username: octoparse_user

Example usage:

from octoparse import Octoparse

# initialize api client
# it will try to log in & ask for credentials if required
octo = Octoparse()

# if using advanced API:
octo = Octoparse(advanced_api=True)

# if using from China:
octo = Octoparse(china=True)

# List all task groups
groups = octo.list_all_task_groups()

# List all tasks in a group
tasks = octo.list_all_tasks_in_group(group_id='xxxx-ssdsd-1212')

# Check if a task is currently running. This isn't provided in Standard API.
status = octo.is_task_running(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf')

# Export the not exported data
data = octo.get_not_exported_data(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf', size=100)

# Update data status
resp = octo.update_data_status(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf')

# get all the data for a task with task id: 'abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf'
data = octo.get_task_data(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf')

# get all the task data as a pandas.DataFrame for a task with task id: 'abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf'
df = octo.get_task_data_df(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf')

# get an offset of data for a task with task id: 'abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf'
# e.g get 100 rows starting from 200
data = octo.get_task_data(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf', offset=200, size=100)

# clear data for a task with task id: 'abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf'

Following are supported for Advanced API

# Get Tasks' status
task_list = ['abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf', 'ab23-5677-djfsd-dfdf']
resp = octo.get_task_status(task_list)

# Get Task's parameter
resp = octo.get_task_param(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf', name='loopAction1.Url')

# Update Task's parameter
resp = octo.update_task_param(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf', name='loopAction1.Url', value='')

# Add new URLs/text to an existing loop
resp = octo.add_url_text_to_loop(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf', name='loopAction1.Url', value='')

# Start running task
resp = octo.start_task(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf')

# Stop running task
resp = octo.stop_task(task_id='abcd-1234-djfsd-dfdf')

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