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Small tools to migrate Odoo modules from a version to another

Project description

License: AGPL-3 Python support: 3.6


odoo-module-migrator is a python3 library that allows you to realize automatically recurring changes when migrating Odoo modules from a version to another. for exemple:

  • renaming file into
  • removing # -*- encoding: utf-8 -*- since V11.0
  • replacing openerp import by odoo import
  • removing migrations folders

This library will so:

  • (optionnaly) get commits from the old branch (if format-patch is enabled)
  • apply automatically changes. (renaming, replacing, etc.)
  • (depending of the config and the version) black your code.
  • commit your changes.
  • Display warnings or errors in log if your code belong obsolete code patterns.

INFO log

It mentions that the lib automatically changed something. A priori you have nothing to do. For example, for a migration from 8.0 to a more recent version:

12:38:54 INFO Renaming file: '/my_module/' by '/my_module/'


It mentions that you should check something. There is maybe something to do to make the module working. For exemple:

19:37:55 WARNING Replaced dependency of 'account_analytic_analysis' by 'contract' (Moved to OCA/contract)


It mentions that you should change something in your code. It not, the module will not work for sure. (not installable, or generating error during the execution)

For example, if you have a 8.0 module that depends on ‘account_anglo_saxon’, that disappeared in more recent version, the following log will be displayed

12:38:54 ERROR Depends on removed module 'account_anglo_saxon'

Development and improvment

If you want to improve or complete this library, please read the DEVELOP.rst file and the ‘Roadmap / Know issues’ sections.


pip3 install odoo-module-migrator


Using Format Patch command

(Recommanded by the OCA)

If you want to migrate an Odoo module from a version 8.0 to 12.0, for exemple the module pos_order_pricelist_change in the OCA “pos” repository.

git clone -b 12.0
cd pos
    --directory             ./
    --modules               pos_order_pricelist_change
    --init-version-name     8.0
    --target-version-name  12.0

Without format Patch command

(Mainly for your custom modules)

if you have created a new branch (for exemple 12.0) based on your 10.0 branch you can run the following command

    --directory             /path/to/repository
    --modules               module_1,module_2,module_3
    --init-version-name     10.0
    --target-version-name   12.0

This tools will operate the changes for each module.

Available arguments

name shortcut Options description
--directory -d Default: ./ Local folder that belongs the module(s) to migrate.
--init-version-name -i Required Initial version of your module(s) you want to migrate.
--target-version-name -t Default: the laster odoo version Final Version you want to migrate.
--modules -m Default: All modules present in the directory Module(s) to migrate. Note if format-patch option is enabled, you have to provide only one module.
--format-patch -fp disabled by default Recover code, using git format-patch command.
--remote-name -rn Default: origin Name of the main remote, used by format-patch command.
--force-black -fb depends on the configuration Force to use black library.
--log-level -ll Default: INFO Possible value: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, etc.
--log-path -lp Default: False If set, the logs will not be displayed at screen, but stored in a file
--no-commit -nc Default: commit If set the library will not git add and git commit changes.

Roadmap / Know issues

  • replacement of tag <openerp><data> by <odoo> will fail in the case where there are many <data> occurency. We could fix that, using lxml lib instead of regular expression.


0.2.0 (October 13, 2019)

  • Second release

0.1.4 (October 12, 2019)

  • Test

[ADD] test

  • framework

[ADD] --file-path option. [ADD] _DEPRECATED_MODULES syntax.

  • migration script

[FIX] Incorrect syntax of regular expression, to remove python 2 header [IMP] first release of all the steps from 8.0 to 13.0

0.1.3 (October 11, 2019)

  • framework

[ADD] --no-commit option that disable git add and git commit calls [FIX] do not commit many times if migration has many steps. [REF] remove useless commented code [REF] create _commit_changes() and _replace_in_file() functions

  • Meta

[FIX] github url of the project in [ADD] Travis file + links to coveralls [ADD] test_requirements.txt

  • migration script

[ADD] 12.0 to 13.0 and add a warning if reference to web_settings_dashboard are found. cortesy @yelizariev [ADD] bump version in manifest file [ADD] set installable to True

0.1.2 (October 10, 2019)

  • First release




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