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Python client library for Staroid cloud platform

Project description

Open data studio python client

Open data studio is a managed computing service on Staroid. Run your machine learning and large scale data processing workloads without managing clusters and servers.

This repository provides a python client library. Currently, the following computing frameworks are supported in the library.

  • Apache Spark
  • Dask (coming soon)
  • Ray (coming soon)

Let's get started!

Quick start

Open In Colab


pip install ods

Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 are supported.


  1. Login and get an access token. And set the STAROID_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable. See here for more detail.
  2. Login and create a SKE (Star Kubernetes engine) cluster.
import ods
# 'ske' is the name of kubernetes cluster created from
# Alternatively, you can set the 'STAROID_SKE' environment variable.


Quick start video


Create spark session

Create a spark session with the default configuration. You don't need to install/configure spark manually.

import ods
spark = ods.spark("spark-1").session() # 'spark-1' is name of spark-serverless instance to create.
df = spark.createDataFrame(....)

Configure initial number of worker nodes

import ods
spark = ods.spark("spark-1", worker_num=3).session()
df = spark.createDataFrame(....)

detal=True to automatically download & configure delta lake

import ods
spark = ods.spark("spark-delta", delta=True).session()"delta").load(....)

pass spark_conf dictionary for additonal configuration

import ods
spark = ods.spark(spark_conf = {
    "spark.hadoop.fs.s3a.access.key": "...",
    "spark.hadoop.fs.s3a.secret.key" : "..."

configure spark version

import ods
spark = ods.spark(spark_version = "3.0.1").session()

Currently, spark 3.0.1, 3.0.0 are supported.

Check tests/ for complete working example.


Coming soon 🚛

import ods
cluster = ods.dask("dask-1", worker_num=10)

from dask.distributed import Client
client = Client(cluster)


Coming soon 🚛

import ods

Get involved

Open data studio is an open source project. Please give us feedback and feel free to get involved!

Commercial support

Staroid actively contributes to Open data studio and provides commercial support. Please contact.

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