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A pure-Python module for writing OpenDocument spreadsheets (similar to csv.writer).

Project description


A pure-Python module for writing OpenDocument spreadsheets (similar to csv.writer).

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- Pure python
- Automatically converts Python types into OpenDocument equivalents
- Includes support for datetime, date and time types
- Includes support for Decimal type
- Compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.3 (and probably others)
- Support for writing formulae (but not evaluating their results)

The MIT License (MIT), refer to LICENSE.txt

import datetime
import decimal
import odswriter as ods

# Single sheet mode
with ods.writer(open("test.ods","wb")) as odsfile:
odsfile.writerow(["String", "ABCDEF123456", "123456"])
# Lose the 2L below if you want to run this example code on Python 3, Python 3 has no long type.
odsfile.writerow(["Float", 1, 123, 123.123, decimal.Decimal("10.321")])
odsfile.writerow(["Date/DateTime",,, 11, 9)])
odsfile.writerow(["Time",datetime.time(13, 37),datetime.time(16, 17, 18)])
odsfile.writerow(["Bool", True, False, True])
odsfile.writerow(["Formula", 1, 2, 3, ods.Formula("IF(A1=2,B1,C1)")])

# Multiple sheet mode
with ods.writer(open("test-multi.ods","wb")) as odsfile:
bears = odsfile.new_sheet("Bears")
bears.writerow(["American Black Bear", "Asiatic Black Bear", "Brown Bear", "Giant Panda", "Qinling Panda",
"Sloth Bear", "Sun Bear", "Polar Bear", "Spectacled Bear"])
sloths = odsfile.new_sheet("Sloths")
sloths.writerow(["Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth", "Maned Sloth", "Pale-Throated Sloth", "Brown-Throated Sloth",
"Linneaeus's Two-Twoed Sloth", "Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloth"])

Odswriter is tested (see Travis CI) for compatibility with LibreOffice and Gnumeric. Compatibility with OpenOffice
should be good.

jOpenDocument is not compatible out-of-the-box, but by specifying the number of columns (odswriter will pad with empty
cells up to that number) it can be made compatible. Code example:

import odswriter as ods

with ods.writer(open("test-multi.ods","wb")) as odsfile:
my_sheet = odsfile.new_sheet("My Sheet", cols=3)
["Two", "Four", "Sixteen"],
["Three", "Nine", "Twenty seven"]])


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