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Betterment plugin for ofxstatement

Project description

This is an ofxstatement plugin for Betterment CSV statements downloaded from the site’s activity page. ofxstatement converts the CSV into a series of “check” transactions in an OFX file, so Moneydance (for instance) will only consider bank and credit card accounts for the generated OFX file’s import. Given Betterment’s daily gain/loss transaction data, the “check” transaction type works well enough.

ofxstatement is a tool for converting proprietary bank statements into the OFX format, suitable for importing into GnuCash, Moneydance, and other compatible applications. The plugin for ofxstatement parses a particular proprietary bank statement format and produces a common data structure that is then formatted into an OFX file.


As with ofxstatement, this plugin requires Python 3. You will need to have ofxstatement installed; the package will be brought in as a dependency if you install the plugin via pip.


You can install the plugin via most of the normal Python methods (be sure to install using your environment’s python3 installation). Remove the –user option if you wish to install the package globally.


pip3 install --user ofxstatement-betterment

python3 install --user


Note that you can specify ‘bank’ and ‘account’ in ofxstatement’s configuration file (accessible using the ofxstatement edit-config command or directly at ~/.local/share/ofxstatement/config.ini (on Linux, at least). Setting these values makes it easier for your personal finance application to recognize which account the file’s data belongs to.

Also note that transactions for zero amounts are filtered by default. If you wish to include zero-amount transactions, set ‘zero_filter’ to ‘false’ in your settings. Here is an example of a settings block for the betterment plugin:

account = 8675309
plugin = betterment
zero_filter = false


Export your Betterment activity into a CSV file (it’s currently transactions.csv). Then run:

$ ofxstatement convert -t betterment transactions.csv betterment.ofx

You can then import betterment.ofx into the personal finance application of your choice.


0.3.0 (2015-11-15)

  • Updated to support newer CSV format by using header row rather than index, support the new date format, and sort by date for beginning and ending balance.

0.2.4 (2015-10-18)

  • Changed to a SHA-256 hash for the pseudo-unique transaction ID in order to improve ID stability while preserving uniqueness.

0.2.2 (2015-10-04)

  • Added filter to remove pending transactions (which have a blank ending balance)

0.2.1 (2015-09-27)

  • Small documentation improvements.

0.2.0 (2015-09-27)

  • Added tests

  • Wired up to Travis CI

  • Added coveralls test coverage reporting.

0.1.0 (2015-09-26)

  • Uploaded to pypi

  • Added to github

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