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Plugin for ofxstatement that supports Intesa San paolo xlsx file

Project description

IntesaSP plugin for ofxstatement

This plug-in parses the Intesa San paolo xlsx statement file, main project can be found here.



You can install the plugin as usual from pip or directly from the downloaded git


pip3 install --user ofxstatement-intesasp

python3 install --user


(For now, this configuration is ignored, is used in other plug-in of the main project)

To edit the config file run this command

$ ofxstatement edit-config

Substitute the zeroes with your bank's ABI and CAB codes (The italian equivalent of BIC code)

ABI = 00000
CAB = 00000
plugin = IntesaSP

Save and exit the text editor


Download your transactions file from the official bank's site and then run

$ ofxstatement convert -t IntesaSP Movimenti_Conto_<date>.xlsx Movimenti.ofx

Add Alias

To simplify the use of the plugin, we strongly recommend adding an alias to your system (if in a Linux environment or on an emulated terminal) by adding the alias of this command to your .bash_aliases:

$ printf '\n# Intesa excel convert to OFX format\nalias ofxIntesa="ofxstatement convert -t IntesaSP"\n' >> ~/.bash_aliases

After that, reload your terminal (close and then reopen) and the usage change to:

  $ ofxIntesa Movimenti_Conto_<date>.xlsx Movimenti.ofx

Note: If after reload alias are not loading, go in your .bashrc and check if follow line are present, if not, add it on the end:

  # Alias definitions.
  # You may want to put all your additions into a separate file like
  # ~/.bash_aliases, instead of adding them here directly.
  # See /usr/share/doc/bash-doc/examples in the bash-doc package.

  if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then
      . ~/.bash_aliases

How use OFX file after conversion

The ofx format stands for 'Open Financial Exchange', it can be used to transfer your accounting records from one database to another. This repository in particular allows you to convert the records that Intesa San Paolo shares via Excel into this open source format. Once you have the ofx file, you can use any program to manage your finances. Among the many available, a non-exhaustive list of open source products is:

  • HomeBank, continuously updated program, present everywhere except in smartphones, with many beautiful ideas and listening to the community. 100% compatibility

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