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ofxstatement plugins for some italian banks

Project description

ofxstatement is a tool to convert proprietary bank statement to OFX format, suitable for importing to GnuCash, HomeBank or any other standard-friendly accounting sofware.

ofxstatement-it-banks provides some italian banks plugins for ofxstatement.

Supported banks:

Most of the code was taken from projects ofxstatement-fineco and ofxstatement-intesasp.


You can install the plugin as usual from pip or directly from the downloaded git


pip3 install --user ofxstatement-it-banks

python3 install --user


To edit the config file run this command

$ ofxstatement edit-config

for example:

bank_id = Widiba
causale2name = True
plugin = widiba

bank_id = Webank
account_id = 00000 - 0000000000
plugin = webank

Save and exit the text editor

configuration parameters



Bank id (default is ‘Widiba’)


Currency (default is ‘EUR’)


Account type (default is ‘CHECKING’)


If set to True copy content of column CAUSALE in xlsx file to <NAME> field in ofx file. Useful if ofx file is imported in HomeBank, to populate ‘info’ field.


If set to True concat content of column CAUSALE in xlsx file at the end of the <MEMO> field in ofx file. Useful if ofx file is imported in HomeBank, to setup automatic assignments rules.



Bank id (default is ‘Webank’)


Currency (default is ‘EUR’)


Account id (default is ‘00000 - 0000000000’)


Account type (default is ‘CHECKING’)

about the parsing

  • A semi-unique id is generated for any transaction through a ofxstatement’s native method.

  • The ofx transaction type are set to generic DEBIT or CREDIT according to the sign of transaction.

  • The full description available is set to the memo field.

The plugin only support the savings statements xlsx file (no credit card support).

Project details

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ofxstatement-it-banks-0.0.1.tar.gz (4.8 kB view hashes)

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