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A CLI that beautifies your (old) music files, automatically adds metatags based on fingerprinting, filename and metadata.

Home-page: Author: Kim Koomen Author-email: License: MIT Description: # omnitagger

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Omnitagger is a CLI tool for beautifying your music files and adding metadata automatically to your files. It provides fingerprint lookup via [acoustid]( Wether this is specified or not: after that it will check for the artist - title.{mp3,flac,ogg} format. If that pattern isn’t found either, it will check the directory the file is in, since it is a common case that when you download an album, the structure is:

` artist-name/ ├── title.mp3 ├── title.mp3 ├── title.mp3 └── title.mp3 `

If that isn’t an options either, it will skip the file and continue to the next one. For more information on how omnitagger works, visit the [How it works]( page on the wiki.

# Installation

NOTE: If you have python 3.7+ installed, you won’t be able to use the fingerprint module. This due to it needs the Chromaprint module and this one is not compatible yet with Python 3.7+.

# Documentation Visit the [documentation]( on the wiki for further details on how to use omnitagger.

# The purpose of omnitagger The purpose of omnitagger was a personal issue we all can relate to in the early days: You download an album or song using a YouTube converter (or oldschool Limewire/Frostwire back in those days) and the names do look horrible. Names with numbers in front of it while it is already in the metatags, underscores instead of spaces… you get it. This was an issue me and a friend of mine always had and I suddenly had the idea to create a python script to make from an ugly and horrible-looking filename a good-looking filename with metatags set correctly automatically. Once I had the idea I kept building and building and sometimes even rebuilding the whole script to make it better and more efficient.

# License


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