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SDK Integration for the OneUp Learning platform.

Project description

OneUp Learning SDK

This is a Python SDK to allow for the scripting and integration of the OneUp Learning platform developed by West-Salem State University.


The package is available through Python's package management system:

pip install oneupsdk


You can request an account by contacting Darina Dicheva. Once you have an account, create a config.yaml file containing your authentication information. This file is parsed by the SDK to authenticate your API calls.

  username: "username"
  password: "OneUP-P4ssW04d!"


Below are the macros that are available from the subpackage oneupsdk.integration. Note that a call to set_active_course() must be made before most of the other calls will work.

  • Courses

    • get_instructor_courses()
    • set_active_course(course_id)
    • get_active_course()
  • Students

    • get_enrolled_students()
    • get_student_by_id(user_id)
    • get_student_by_username(username)
    • add_student(email, password, first=None, last=None, user_id=None)
    • modify_student(username, email=None, password=None, first=None, last=None, new_user_id=None)
    • delete_student(user_id)
  • Activities

    • get_activity_by_id(activity_id)
    • create_activity(name, **kwargs)
    • modify_activity(activity_id, **kwargs)
    • post_activity_points(activity_id, data, as_dict=False)
    • delete_activity(activity_id)
    • Activity categories
      • get_activity_categories()
      • get_default_activity_category()
      • create_activity_category(name)
      • delete_activity_category(category_id)


Dicheva, Darina, Keith Irwin, and Christo Dichev. "OneUp learning: a course gamification platform." In International Conference on Games and Learning Alliance, pp. 148-158. Springer, Cham, 2017. (link)

Dicheva, Darina, Keith Irwin, and Christo Dichev. "OneUp: Supporting Practical and Experimental Gamification of Learning." International Journal of Serious Games 5, no. 3 (2018): 5-21. (link)

Dicheva, Darina, Keith Irwin, and Christo Dichev. "OneUp: Engaging Students in a Gamified Data Structures Course." In Proceedings of the 50th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, pp. 386-392. 2019. (link)

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