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ongeza (Swahili for “increase”) is a Python command line application (CLI) that makes following the Semantic Versioning Specification a breeze. If called with no options, ongeza will print the repo’s current git tag version. With ongeza, you can

  • Quickly bump to a patch, minor, or major version

  • Stash uncommitted changes before bumping

  • Create a git tag with the new version number

  • Bump python, php, and javascript projects

  • and much more…


ongeza has been tested and is known to work on Python 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5; and PyPy 4.0


I think we can all agree that semver is awesome sauce. But while coding, who has time to constantly look up the current version and figure out the new version? I created ongeza to relieve myself from this pain of having to worry about version numbers. For example, to bump to a minor version inside a python git repo, simply type:

ongeza --type=minor

Or via the short option style:

ongeza -tn

As long as the repo contains a git tag with the current version, ongeza will automagically:

  • calculate the new version number

  • figure out which file(s) to update with the new version number

  • make the appropriate updates and commit the changes

  • create a git tag with the new version number


ongeza is intended to be used from the command line.

ongeza [options] <dir>

Basic Examples

show help

ongeza -h
usage: ongeza [options] <dir>

description: ongeza makes following the Semantic Versioning Specification a breeze.
If called with no options, ongeza will print the current git repository's tag version.
If <dir> is not specified, the current dir is used.

positional arguments:
  dir                   the project directory (default: /Users/reubano/Documents/Projects/ongeza).

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE  version bump type, must be one of:
                          m or major: [x].0.0
                          n or minor: x.[y].0
                          p or patch: x.y.[z]
                        set arbitrary version number
  -S, --skip-commit     skip committing version bumped files
  -T, --tag             create git tag at HEAD with the bumped version number
  -p, --push            push to the remote origin
  -a, --stash           stash uncommitted changes
  -f FORMAT, --tag-format FORMAT
                        git tag format
  -F FORMAT, --tag-msg-format FORMAT
                        git tag message format
  -c FORMAT, --commit-msg-format FORMAT
                        git commit message format
  -g, --sign            make a GPG-signed tag (implies `--tag`)
  -i FILE, --file FILE  the versioned file
  -v, --version         Show version and exit.
  -V, --verbose         increase output verbosity

view current version


bump to a `minor` version

ongeza --type=minor


ongeza -tn

manually set a version

ongeza --set 1.0.2


ongeza -s 1.0.2

bump to a `major` version and add a git tag

ongeza --tag --type=major


ongeza -Ttm

stash uncommitted changes and bump to a `patch` version

ongeza --stash --type=patch


ongeza -atp

Advanced Examples

bump to a `major` version and add a GPG signed git tag

ongeza --sign --type=major


ongeza -gtm

bump `weird.file` to a `minor` version and use custom formats

ongeza -tn --file='weird.file' --tag-format='{version}' --commit-msg-format='New version: {version}'

bump a remote directory to a `minor` version and use a custom tag message format

ongeza -tn --tag-msg-format='Release: {version}' /path/to/remote/dir


At the command line, install ongeza using either pip (recommended)

pip install --user ongeza

or (if you must) easy_install

easy_install ongeza

Project structure

┌── CHANGES.rst
├── Makefile
├── README.rst
├── bin
   └── ongeza
├── ongeza
├── dev-requirements.txt
├── helpers
   ├── check-stage
   ├── clean
   ├── docs
   ├── pippy
   ├── srcdist
   └── wheel
├── requirements.txt
├── setup.cfg
├── tests
   ├── standard.rc
└── tox.ini

Design Principles

  • KISS: Keep it simple, stupid

  • Do one thing (version bumping), and do it well

  • Support the most common file types used for project versioning, e.g.,, package.json, etc.


  • no built-in support for pre-release or build numbers, e.g., - 1.0.0-alpha, 1.0.0-alpha.1, 1.0.0-0.3.7, 1.0.0-x.7.z.92 - 1.0.0+build.1, 1.3.7+build.11.e0f985a


ongeza comes with a built in task manager


pip install -r dev-requirements.txt


Run python linter and nose tests

manage lint
manage test


Please mimic the coding style/conventions used in this repo. If you add new classes or functions, please add the appropriate doc blocks with examples. Also, make sure the python linter and nose tests pass.

Please see the contributing doc for more details.


ongeza is distributed under the MIT License.

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