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Python library and command line utility for controlling Onkyo receivers through the RI protocol.

Project description


A python-library and command line utility for controlling Onkyo receivers that support the RI protocol.


onkyrimote can be installed via pip.

pip install onkyrimote
onkyrimote --help

You may also check-out the repository and set the PYTHONPATH=. environment variable set.

# inside the checked-out repository directory
PYTHONPATH=. onkyrimote --help


With a Raspberry Pi

onkyrimote is modular, but currently only supports pigpio meaning that your receiver has to be connected to a Raspberry Pi. Thanks to pigpiod you can run onkyrimote directly on the Pi or on another computer, if the Pi is reachable via network [1].

You’ll need the pigpio python library to continue. You can (and should) install it with your systems package manager (e.g. apt install python3-pigpio on Debian, Raspbian, and Raspberry Pi OS) or you may also use pip (pip install pigpio).

If you have successfully connected your receiver to your Raspberry Pi the following command should turn it on. In case you have a different device, this command might not work. You can look at the onkyrimote help – onkyrimote --help – for a list of supported devices. Contributions with new devices are welcome too!

onkyrimote --gpio 17 --device onkyo_txsr304 power_on

If you want use onkyrimote via the network, you can set the PIGPIO_ADDR and PIGPIO_PORT environment variables. The following command does the same as above but pigpiod is running on a host with the IP-Address and on port 8765 (instead of the default

PIGPIO_ADDR= PIGPIO_PORT=8765 onkyrimote --gpio 17 --device onkyo_txsr304 power_on

[1]: Many distributions start pigpiod in a way that it cannot be reached via network, but only locally. If that is the case for you, you can edit the corresponding systemd unit. Run systemctl edit pigpiod and include the following configuration in the editor that is opened:


With another platform

No other backends have been implemented yet. Feel free to contribute one!


Thanks go out to the onkyo-rpi and onkyo-ri projects that have similar goals and have been used for reference!

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