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A simple template generator for competitive programming

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What is this

This tool analyzes problems and generates template codes for competitive programming.

Online Demo:

How to install

$ pip3 install online-judge-template-generator


oj-template command analyzes the specified problem and generates the template files (e.g. main.cpp) including input/output part (e.g. int n; std::cin >> n;) and the generators (e.g. of random test cases for the problem. See Examples. This works on many online judges which oj command works.

$ oj-template [-t TEMPLATE] URL

oj-prepare command prepares some template files and test cases for a problem or a contest at once. This is a thin wrapper of oj command and oj-template command. This works on many online judges which oj command works.

$ oj-prepare URL

Supported languages

The following template files are prepared as builtin of oj-template command.

  • main.cpp: solution in C++
  • solution in Python
  • random case generator in Python
  • generate.cpp: random case generator in C++

The builtin templates invoke clang-format command and yapf command when they exist. Please install them too if you want to generate better formatted code.

Generating random cases

To generate random cases, please run oj-prepare https://... command, edit the generated file, and run the following command:

$ oj generate-input "python3"

You can also generate the file with the running the command oj-template -t "https://...".


$ oj-template

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
#define REP(i, n) for (int i = 0; (i) < (int)(n); ++ (i))
#define REP3(i, m, n) for (int i = (m); (i) < (int)(n); ++ (i))
#define REP_R(i, n) for (int i = (int)(n) - 1; (i) >= 0; -- (i))
#define REP3R(i, m, n) for (int i = (int)(n) - 1; (i) >= (int)(m); -- (i))
#define ALL(x) ::std::begin(x), ::std::end(x)
using namespace std;

const string YES = "YES";
const string NO = "nO";
bool solve(int n, const vector<int64_t> & a, const vector<int64_t> & b) {
    // TODO: edit here

// generated by online-judge-template-generator v4.4.0 (
int main() {
    constexpr char endl = '\n';
    int n;
    cin >> n;
    vector<int64_t> a(n), b(n);
    REP (i, n) {
        cin >> a[i] >> b[i];
    auto ans = solve(n, a, b);
    cout << (ans ? YES : NO) << endl;
    return 0;
$ oj-template -t

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import random
import onlinejudge_random as random_oj

def main():
    N = random.randint(1, 10 ** 9)  # TODO: edit here
    a = [None for _ in range(N)]
    Q = random.randint(1, 10 ** 9)  # TODO: edit here
    l = [None for _ in range(Q)]
    r = [None for _ in range(Q)]
    for i in range(N):
        a[i] = random.randint(1, 10 ** 9)  # TODO: edit here
    for i in range(Q):
        l[i] = random.randint(1, 10 ** 9)  # TODO: edit here
        r[i] = random.randint(1, 10 ** 9)  # TODO: edit here
    print(N, Q)
    print(*[a[i] for i in range(N)])
    for i in range(Q):
        print(l[i], r[i])

if __name__ == "__main__":
$ oj-prepare

$ tree
├── abc158_a
│   ├── main.cpp
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── test
│       ├──
│       ├──
│       ├── sample-1.out
│       ├──
│       ├── sample-2.out
│       ├──
│       └── sample-3.out
├── ...
├── ...
├── ...
├── ...
└── abc158_f
    ├── main.cpp
    └── test
        ├── sample-1.out
        ├── sample-2.out
        ├── sample-3.out
        └── sample-4.out

13 directories, 50 files



The template file for oj-template command can be specified with the -t option. You can see the list of builtin template files at onlinejudge_template_resources/template/. For example, if you want to use generate.cpp, please run as oj-template -t generate.cpp https://....

You can make a new template by yourself. The format of template files is Mako's one. Please write by reference to existing files like fastio_sample.cpp or customize_sample.cpp> API documentation exists at onlinejudge_template.generator package.

To specify your new template file with -t option, please include the path separator character / in the given path (this is similar to the behavior of executing a command out of PATH in shell). For example, if you write a template file named, please run oj-template -t ./ https://... or oj-template -t /path/to/ https://.... Also you can use certain directory (when you use Linux, it's ~/.config/online-judge-tools/template/) to place template files like ~/.config/online-judge-tools/template/ If templates exist in this directory, you can specify them as oj-template -t https://.... If templates files whose names are the same to builtin templates, they are override the builtin files.


There is the config file for oj-prepare at ~/.config/online-judge-tools/prepare.config.toml (in Linux). Please write as the following.

contest_directory = "~/Desktop/{service_domain}/{contest_id}/{problem_id}"
problem_directory = "."

"" = ""
"" = ""
"" = ""

Available items:

  • problem_directory (string): When a URL of a problem is given to the command, use {problem_directory} for the directory.
    • default: .
    • available vairables:
      • {problem_id}: problem ID (e.g. abc123_d)
  • contest_directory (string): When a URL of a contest is given to the command, use {contest_directory}/{problem_directory} for the directory.
    • default: {problem_id}
    • available vairables:
      • {problem_id}: problem ID (e.g. abc123_d)
      • {contest_id}: contest ID (e.g. abc123)
      • {service_domain}: the domain of the online judge (e.g.
      • {service_name}: the name of the online judge (e.g. Codeforces)
  • templates (table of string): places the generated code specified by value (the right of =) into paths specified by key (the left of =).
    • example: { "solution.cpp" = "main.cpp", "" =", "generate.cpp" = "generate.cpp" }
    • default: { "main.cpp" = "main.cpp", "" = "", "" = "" }


MIT License

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