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Project description

Run style and static checks against a python codebase, execute automated tests with coverage.

Specific tests are:

  • PEP8 style.
  • pyflakes static checks.
  • sdist creation and installation.
  • unittests.

It also generates branch-coverage reports.


  • does not require your package’s users to install it,
  • has minimal configuration and customization [1],
  • leaves your source directory the way it found it,
  • leaves your base python packages unmodified,
  • ensures your project generates a clean sdist [2],
  • tests the sdist install process [3],
  • runs unittests against the installed package [4],
  • and generates branch coverage reports.
[1]No tests can be customized or disabled. All packages which pass the onslaught meet the same quality standards. The users current directory has no effect. Where possible, other configurability will be removed.
[2]This is strict: any warning: lines in the sdist creation command are onslaught failures.
[3]So your unittests pass. Great! But does your software install?
[4]Test the “production” form of your code, not dev source.

Quick Start


First, install with pip:

$ pip install onslaught


Now run it against your projects:

$ onslaught /path/to/my/project


$ cd /path/to/my/project ; onslaught

This runs a series of “test phases” and then generates coverage reports. The output is concise; details for a test phase are only displayed if that phase fails.

(Onslaught never modifies the project directory, nor the current directory.)


Each run of onslaught on a project will create a fresh directory at ~/.onslaught/results/${PROJECT_NAME}. If this directory exists when starting a new onslaught run, it is removed, so that the contents of this directory are always self-consistent and are specific to the last run.

This results directory has a few important subdirectories:

This contains a main.log that describes high level operation, including all subcommand arguments, so you can rerun any of these commands manually. It also contains a log for each subcommand run separately, prefixed with a decimal ordering, so you can always see the complete output of each command.
The HTML generated coverage report. Open index.html with your browser. Notice you can sort the table by clicking column headers or using the keybindings (help found by clicking keyboard icon).
This contains the result of ./ sdist, so you can interactively test the same source distribution that is used for installation and unit testing by onslaught.
This is the virtualenv used to test the package installation. You could interactively experiment with your project here.


This is “alpha” code. There are no unittests, so this project doesn’t (yet) follow it’s own prescription (see #8). :-(


Once it has thorough test coverage and a handful of users have notified me that they’ve used it successfully, or filed bugs, then I will release ‘0.1’ after fixing a subset of the bugs.

The goal for 1.0 is to have the “right” inflexible criteria (see Philosophy) baked into onslaught. For example, maybe it should generate and test wheel instead of sdist, or maybe it should test both. It should work with python 2 and 3.

At that point, my vision is for onslaught to be automatically run against all python packages (eg on PyPI) and the results published somewhere.


onslaught is a “badge”. Tested software conforms to the onslaught, not vice versa. Therefore, a large fraction of software will not pass onslaught tests, especially popular and/or slowly evolving packages. This is fine.

There should be no reason you don’t run it against your codebase. If it fails and your codebase has legacy concerns, c’est la vie. If, on the other hand, you want to achieve and preserve the onslaught badge of awesomeness, then go for it. ;-)

Note: Currently onslaught is a prototype in flux, so take the above with a grain of salt.

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