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Oxford Nanopore Technologies fast5 API software

Project description

API for interacting with Oxford Nanopore Technologies fast5 files

ont_fast5_api is a simple interface to HDF5 files of the Oxford Nanopore fast5 file format.

It provides:

  • Concrete implementation of the fast5 file schema using the generic h5py library
  • Plain-english-named methods to interact with and reflect the fast5 file schema
  • Tools to convert between multi_read and single_read formats

Getting Started

The ont_fast5_api is available on PyPI and can be installed via pip:

pip install ont-fast5-api

Alternatively, it is available on github where it can be built from source:

git clone
cd ont_fast5_api
python install


ont_fast5_api is a pure python project and should run on most python versions and operating systems.

It requires:

Interface - Console Scripts

The ont_fast5_api provides terminal/command-line console_scripts for converting between files in the Oxford Nanopore single_read and multi_read fast5 formats. These are provided to ensure compatibility between tools which expect either the single_read or multi_read fast5 file formats.

The scripts are added during installation and can be called from the terminal/command-line or from within python.


This script converts folders containing single_read_fast5 files into multi_read_fast5_files:

    -i, --input_path <(path) folder containing single_read_fast5 files>
    -s, --save_path <(path) to folder where multi_read fast5 files will be output>
    [optional] -f, --filename_base <(string) name for new multi_read file; default="batch" (see note-1)>
    [optional] -n, --batch_size <(int) number of single_reads to include in each multi_read file; default=4000>
    [optional] --recursive <(bool) if included, rescursively search sub-directories for single_read files; default=False>

note-1: newly created multi_read files require a name. This is the filename_base with the batch count and .fast5 appended to it; e.g. -f batch yields batch_0.fast5, batch_1.fast5, ...

example usage:

single_to_multi_fast5 --input_path /data/reads --save_path /data/multi_reads
    --filename_base batch_output --batch_size 100 --recursive

Where /data/reads and/or its subfolders contain single_read fast5 files. The output will be multi_read fast5 files each containing 100 reads, in the folder: /data/multi_reads with the names: batch_output_0.fast5, batch_output_1.fast5 etc.


This script converts folders containing multi_read_fast5 files into single_read_fast5 files:

    -i, --input_path <(path) folder containing multi_read_fast5 files>
    -s, --save_path <(path) to folder where single_read fast5 files will be output>
    [optional] -n, --batch_size <(int) number of single_reads to include in each output folder; default=4000 (see note-2)>
    [optional] --recursive <(bool) if included, rescursively search sub-directories for multi_read files; default=False>

note-2: single_read fast5 files are batched into subdirectories for output for performance reasons

example usage:

multi_to_single_fast5 --input_path /data/multi_reads --save_path /data/single_reads
    --batch_size 100 --recursive

Where /data/multi_reads and/or its subfolders contain multi_read fast5 files. The output will be single_read fast5 files, in subfolders of the output_folder: /data/single_reads, with each folder containing 100 fast5 files.

Glossary of Terms:

HDF5 file format - a portable file format for storing and managing data. It is designed for flexible and efficient I/O and for high volume and complex data Fast5 - an implementation of the HDF5 file format, with specific data schemas for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data Single read fast5 - A fast5 file containing all the data pertaining to a single Oxford Nanopore read. This may include raw signal data, run metadata, fastq-basecalls and any other additional analyses Multi read fast5 - A fast5 file containing data pertaining to a multiple Oxford Nanopore reads. Pip - The python software package manager for installing python applications.

Project details

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