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Configures a project python environment for LibreOffice UNO.

Project description


This project is strictly for LibreOffice python projects that need to set UNO environment.

A project as OOO Development Tools would use this project

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oooenv PyPI

pip install oooenv


View command options

oooenv -h


In Linux and Mac all that is needed to run a project that requires LibreOffice UNO is to link the UNO files into virtual environment.

To add UNO links to virtual environment run command:

oooenv cmd-link -a

To remove UNO links from virtual environment run command:

oooenv cmd-link -r


Windows python projects cannot use linking to UNO Files.

In Windows the virtual environment configuration file is manipulated.

The Follow command toggles between original configuration and UNO environment configuration.

oooenv env -t

To update the configuration to match the installed version of LibreOffice's python.

This command should not be run until oooenv env -t has be run at least once.

oooenv update --update

If virtual environment is managed by Poetry then it will be necessary to toggle into original config before running poetry update.

When updates are done just run command again to toggle back to UNO environment configuration.

Environment Variables

Special environment variables can be set. These are completely optional. This can be useful for docker containers.

  • OOOENV_LO_UNO_PATH The path where is located.
  • OOOENV_LO_PROGRAM_PATH The path to LibreOffice such as C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program or /usr/lib/libreoffice/program.
  • OOOENV_LO_PROGRAM_PATH The path to LibreOffice installed directory, such as C:\Program Files\LibreOffice or /usr/lib/libreoffice.
  • OOOENV_LO_PY_EXE The path to LibreOffice Python. On Windows this is usually C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\python.exe and Linux is usually the virtual environment's python.
  • OOOENV_VIRTUAL_ENV The path containing the virtual environment for your project. Usually this is venv or .venv.`
  • OOOENV_SITE_PACKAGES The site packages directory of the virtual environment for your project.

Project details

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