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Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools AppService Command Module

Project description

Microsoft Azure CLI ‘appservice’ Command Module

This package is for the ‘appservice’ module. i.e. ‘az appservice’

Release History

  • webapp: add location based routing for az webapp deleted list and az webapp deleted restore

  • webapp, functionapp: Updating to the latest Python SDK version

  • webapp: webapp up logged target URL (“You can launch the app at…”) is now properly clickable in Azure Cloud Shell

  • webapp: Fixing an issue where creating apps with the some sku’s was failing with AlwaysOn error

  • webapp, appserviceplan: adding pre-validation to the ASP and webapp create

  • webapp, functionapp: traffic-routing set fixed to use the correct actionHostName

  • functionapp: add slot support to functionapps


  • functionapp: deprecated az functionapp devops-build command will be removed in next release

  • functionapp: az functionapp devops-pipeline fetches building log from Azure DevOps in verbose mode

  • functionapp: az functionapp devops-pipeline removes –use_local_settings flag, since it does not change Azure DevOps release definition

  • webapp: webapp up returns a json output if –logs is not used

  • webapp: webapp up supports writing the default resources to local configuration

  • webapp: webapp up supports redeploying an app without using the –location argument

  • webapp: Fixed an issue where for Linux Free SKU ASP creation use Free as SKU value was not working

  • Upgrade azure-mgmt-storage from 3.1.1 to 3.3.0


  • functionapp: deprecate az functionapp devops-build command. Rename it to az functionapp devops-pipeline

  • webapp: Fixing getting the correct username for cloudshell which was causing az webapp up to fail

  • appservice plan: az appservice plan –sku documentation updated to reflect the supported appserviceplans

  • webapp: az webapp up supports optional arguments resourcegroup & plan to override the defaults offered by the command

  • webapp: az webapp ssh handles ‘AZURE_CLI_DISABLE_CONNECTION_VERIFICATION’ environment variable

  • appserviceplan: az appserviceplan create support for Linux FREE sku

  • webapp: az webapp up now has a 30s sleep after setting SCM_DO_BUILD_DURING_DEPLOYMENT=true appsetting to handle kudu cold start

  • functionapp: az functionapp create supports a runtime of powershell on Windows

  • webapp: add create-remote-connection command


  • webapp: az webapp ssh now support ASE and a timeout parameter

  • functionapp: add feature for establishing CI CD to an Azure DevOps pipeline from a Github repository

  • functionapp: in az functionapp devops-build create, added –github-pat flag to accept Github personal access token

  • functionapp: in az functionapp devops-build create, added –github-repository flag to accept Github repository that contains a functionapp source code

  • webapp: az webapp up –logs was failing with a error and updating default .NETCORE version to 2.1

  • functionapp: remove unnecessary app settings while creating a function app with consumption plan

  • webapp: az webapp up default asp string now appends number at the end to create a new ASP based on SKU options

  • webapp: az webapp up support -b as an option to launch the app in the browser

  • webapp: az webapp deployment source config zip handles ‘AZURE_CLI_DISABLE_CONNECTION_VERIFICATION’ environment variable


  • webapp: Adding –logs support to az webapp up and other improvements to the up command

  • functionapp: fix az functionapp devops-build create command azure-pipelines.yml generation issues

  • functionapp: improve az functionapp devops-build create error handlings and error indications

  • functionapp: remove –local_git flag in devops-build command, local git detection and handling are compulsory for creating Azure DevOps pipelines

  • functionapp: add support for linux functions plan creation

  • webapp, functionapp: Updating to use the new Python SDK version

  • appservice: adminSiteName property of SKU object is deprecated

  • functionapp: add ability to switch a plan underneath a function app using az functionapp update –plan

  • functionapp: add support for azure functions premium plan scale out settings


  • webapp: az webapp up was not handling running from empty directory or unknown code scenario correctly

  • webapp, functionapp: az webapp config ssl bind command was failing for slots


  • webapp, functionapp: az webapp/functionapp deployment list-publishing-credentials, get the Kudu (scm) url and its credentials

  • Remove erroneous print statement for az webapp auth update

  • functionapp: fix setting the correct image for runtime in Linux App Service plans

  • webapp: remove preview tag for az webapp up and other improvements to the command


  • functionapp: az functionapp devops-build, new command created


  • functionapp: add ability to create and configure functions using ACR containers

  • webapp: add support for updating configurations through json

  • appservice plan: Updating help for appservice-plan-update command

  • functionapp: add support for app insights on functionapp create

  • webapp: bugfixes for webapp ssh


  • functionapp: add support for app insights on functionapp create

  • functionapp: add support for app service plan creation (including Elastic Premium)

  • functionapp: fix app setting issues with Elastic Premium plans


  • webapp: az webapp config ssl upload, handling the scenario of uploading certificates on apps that are hosted on an ASE, where the ASE RG & App RG are different

  • webapp: az webapp up –sku defaults to P1V1 if the os is linux

  • webapp, functionapp: webapp deployment source config-zip, fixed to show the right error message when a deployment fails

  • webapp: add az webapp ssh


  • webapp: az webapp up reliability fixes, where using the command to redeploy code to a newly created app using the same command was failing

  • webapp: add support for listing and restoring webapp snapshots

  • functionapp: add support for –runtime flag in windows function apps


  • webapp: az webapp config container now honors –slot parameter


  • webapp: adding support for az webapp up command (Preview) that helps in creating & deploying contents to app

  • webapp: fix a bug on container based windows app due to backend change


  • webapp, functionapp: Zip deployment default timeout to poll for the status increased to 5 mins, also adding a timeout property to customize this value

  • webapp, functionapp: Default Node_version updated. Resetting slot swap action, during a two phase swap preserves all the appsettings & connection strings

  • remove client side sku check for linux app service plan create

  • minor fix to avoid key errors when trying to get zipdeploy status


  • update ACR SDK

  • webapp: fix a bug in az webapp config backup update that prevents setting a backup schedule if one is not already set


  • az functionapp create supports creating a linux consumption plan type with a specific runtime

  • (PREVIEW) support webapps hosting on Windows containers


  • support for webjobs(continuous and triggered) operations management

  • appservice plan, webapp & function app updated to use latest python websites SDK version

  • az webapp config set supports –fts-state property. Also added support fot az functionapp config set & show

  • webapp: add support for bring your own storage

  • webapp: add support for listing and restoring deleted apps


  • support CORS on functionapp & webapp

  • arm tag support on create commands

  • webapp/functionapp identity show: exception handling to exit with code 3 upon a missing resource for consistency


  • fix a bug that prevent from creating a function-app using storage accounts in external resource groups

  • fix a crash on zip deployment


  • Minor fixes.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: ‘show’ commands log error message and fail with exit code of 3 upon a missing resource.

  • appservice: allow PremiumV2 skus


  • webapp/functionapp: Adding support for disabling identity az webapp identity remove. Preview tag removed for Identity feature.


  • dependencies: remove the cap on the urllib as newer requests was released

  • functionapp create: support to use appservice plan from external resource groups


  • dependencies: cap the urllib to 1.22 to avoid conflit with requests 2.18.4


  • webapp/functionapp: improve generic update commands

  • webapp/functionapp: webapp deployment source config-zip supports async operation with status updates for long running operation


  • webapp: fix a bug in az webapp delete when –slot is provided

  • webapp: remove –runtime-version from az webapp auth update as it’s not very public ready

  • webapp: az webapp config set support for min_tls_version & https2.0

  • webapp: az webapp create support for multicontainers


  • (Breaking change): remove assign-identity which was tagged deprecating 2 releases ago

  • webapp: capture the unhandled exception if the appservice plan doesn’t exist

  • sdist is now compatible with wheel 0.31.0


  • webapp: az webapp update supports httpsOnly

  • webapp/functionapp: slot support for identity assign & identity show


  • webapp/functionapp: author managed identity commands identity assign/show, and deprecate assign-identity


  • webapp: updating tests/code for sdk update


  • appservice: list-location: Fixes the bug where ‘Free’ was reported as an invalid SKU


  • webapp backup/restore: Fix issue where restore command fails because of a null reference

  • appservice: support default app service plan through az configure –defaults appserviceplan=my-asp


  • fix broken webapp log tail/download

  • relieve the ‘kind’ check on webapp/functionapp


  • webapp config ssl upload: fix a bug where the hosting_environment_profile was null

  • webapp browse: adding support for browse to handle custom domain URL

  • webapp log tail: fixing a bug where support for slots was not working


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.

  • webapp config ssl upload: fix a bug where the hosting_environment_profile was null


  • webapp config ssl upload: fix a bug in the cert name generation

  • webapp/functionapp: ensure list/show display correct set of apps

  • webapp: set WEBSITE_NODE_DEFAULT_VERSION in case where runtime is not set


  • webapp: add deployment source config-zip support for webapps and functions apps

  • webapp: use azure-mgmt-web 0.34.1

  • webapp: add –docker-container-logging

  • webapp: removing the ‘storage’ option from –web-server-logging since this is not working

  • deployment user set: logged more informative error messages.

  • functionapp: add support for creating Linux function apps

  • appservice: fix list-locations


  • webapp: fix a bug that downloaded log file might be invalid

0.1.18 (2017-10-09)

  • webapp: added generic update with new command: ‘az webapp update’

  • webapp: updating tests/code for sdk update

0.1.17 (2017-09-22)

  • webapp: able to update and show authentication settings using “az webapp auth update/show”

0.1.16 (2017-09-11)

  • webapp: able to create a webapp in a resource group other than the service plan’s

0.1.15 (2017-08-31)

  • minor fixes

0.1.14 (2017-08-28)

Breaking Change:webapp: fix inconsistencies in the output of “az webapp config appsettings delete/set” webapp: add a new alias of ‘-i’ for “az webapp config container set –docker-custom-image-name” webapp: expose ‘az webapp log show’ webapp: expose new arguments from ‘az webapp delete’ to retain app service plan, metrics or dns registration. webapp: detect a slot setting correctly webapp: add param –docker-container-logging that goes through the same logic as –web-server-logging webapp: add premium v2 sku webapp: add new container setting WEBSITES_ENABLE_APP_SERVICE_STORAGE

0.1.13 (2017-08-15)

webapp: fix an exception when create a new git based linux webapp

0.1.12 (2017-08-11)

  • minor fixes

0.1.11 (2017-07-27)

  • webapp: Add generate container CI URL for Web App

  • webapp: fix the bug that listing linux webapp returns nothing

  • webapp: setting runtime is mandatory for linux

  • webapp: use only linux-fx-version instead of CUSTOM_DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME

0.1.10 (2017-07-07)

  • webapp: support to retrieve creds from acr

0.1.9 (2017-06-21)

  • BC: webapp: remove all commands under ‘az appservice web’

0.1.8 (2017-06-13)

  • webapp: mask docker registry passwords from ‘webapp appsettings/container’ commands’ output (#3656)

  • webapp: ensure default browser is used on osx and w/o error on launching (#3623)

  • webapp: improve the help of ‘az webapp log tail/download’ (#3624)

  • webapp: expose traffic-routing command to configure static routing (#3566)

0.1.7 (2017-05-30)

  • webapp: add reliability fixes in configuring source control (#3245)

  • BC: az webapp config update: Remove unsupported –node-version argument for Windows webapps. Instead use “az webapp config appsettings set” with the WEBSITE_NODE_DEFAULT_VERSION key.

0.1.6 (2017-05-09)

  • webapp: fix broken log tail commands

0.1.5 (2017-05-05)

  • functionapp: add full functionapp supports, including create, show, list, delete, hostname, ssl, etc

  • Adding Team Services (vsts) as a continuous delivery option to “appservice web source-control config”

  • Create “az webapp” to replace “az appservice web” (for backward compat, “az appservice web” will stay for 2 releases)

  • Expose arguments to configure deployment and “runtime stacks” on webapp create

  • Expose “webapp list-runtimes”

  • support configure connection strings (#2647)

  • support slot swap with preview

0.1.4 (2017-04-28)

  • Rename arg of ‘-n/–name’ to ‘–hostname’, and wire up default webapp name (#2946, #2947, #2949)

  • Polish errors from appservice commands (#2948)

  • New packaging system.

0.1.3 (2017-04-17)

  • Use the app service plan’s resource group for cert operations (#2750)

0.1.2 (2017-04-03)

  • appservice: rollback the change of auto creating plans (#2671)

  • Check sku when creating linux ASP (#2651)

  • appservice: include site config on cloning slot (#2644)

  • appservice: support to get external ip address used for DNS A records (#2627)

  • appservice: support binding wildcard certificates (#2625)

  • appservice:improve table output format of web show/list (#2614)

  • appservice: support list publishing profiles (#2504)

0.1.1b6 (2017-03-13)

  • AppService - Trigger source control sync after config (#2326)

  • Misc bug fixes(locations, trace when browse, polish error) (#2407)

  • Remove tab completion from ‘appservice plan create –name’. (#2404)

  • Fix a bug on detecting argument value for site configs (#2392)

  • Fix slot related bugs

0.1.1b5 (2017-02-27)

  • Expose git token reset command and add more test coverage

0.1.1b4 (2017-02-22)

  • Documentation fixes.

0.1.1b3 (2017-02-17)

  • Add backup and restore commands

  • Add App Service SSL commands

  • Fixes bug with adding hostname to web app

  • Prompts for yes / no use the -y option rather than –force

  • Show commands return empty string with exit code 0 for 404 responses

0.1.1b2 (2017-01-30)

  • Add user path expansion to file type parameters.

  • Add confirmation prompt to ‘appservice plan delete’.

  • Support Python 3.6.

0.1.1b1 (2017-01-17)

  • Add webapp start

0.1.0b11 (2016-12-12)

  • Preview release.

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