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🤖📦 Deliver anything, anywere! powered by MineFlayer.

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Open Delivery Bot 📦

🤖📦 Deliver anything, anywere! powered by MineFlayer.

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About 📬

Welcome to the Open Delivery Bot project! This open-source initiative empowers users to deploy a self-hosted delivery bot, offering an array of advanced functionalities. Our command-line interface (CLI) or remote web GUI allows effortless control and management, ensuring a seamless experience. 🤖

Open Delivery Bot shines with its dynamic features, including pathfinding and optimized elytra flight, accelerating your delivery processes for utmost efficiency. Say goodbye to manual intervention and embrace automation! 📦

Getting Started 🏁

[!IMPORTANT] Some parts of the code are still in development and do not work!

All instalation instructons can be found here

(6) Arguments & Options 📄

[!IMPORTANT] Not changing some of these settings will result in the bot not working. 🛑

[!WARNING] Do not share your Minecraft info to anyone. 🔒

How to use the arguments

The command line arguments available are:

  • --email: The Minecraft Email the bot will log into (use a name and no password for a cracked account). 📧
  • --password: The password for your account (if not using cracked). 🔑
  • --host: The IP address or hostname of the Minecraft server. 🖥
  • --port: The port number the Minecraft server is listening on. Default is 25565. ⚡
  • --auth: The authentication method your account requires (mojang/microsoft/cracked). Default is "microsoft". 🔐
  • --version: Minecraft version to use when connecting to a server. Default is auto. 🕹
  • --check_timeout: How often in milliseconds the bot checks if it is still logged into the server. Default is 600000 (10 minutes). ⏱
  • --viewer_port: The local port to run the viewer server on so you can visually see what the bot is doing. Default is 8000. 👀
  • --quit_on_low_health: Disconect the bot if the bot is on low health. Default is "True". 👤
  • --low_health_threashold: How low the health must be for the bot to quit. Default is "10". 👤
  • --armor_equip: If the bot needs to equip all available armor. Default is "True". 👤

🚀 GitHub Codespaces (run the bot in the cloud)

[!IMPORTANT] If the console gets spammed with random data, try changing the version from false to a version you know is supported by the server.

  1. Copy this code to you clipboard and run it once the terminal is available
python -m opendeliverybot
  1. Open GitHub CodeSpaces below

Open in GitHub Codespaces


  • Add config.json file
  • Add click
  • Change to use as Pip package for better use
  • Add Discord integration
  • Add Lava Caster (request by @givenbakerad on Discord)
  • Add Custom code runner (a way for users to test their own bot code in a nice and simple way)

MineFlayer 🚀

Mineflayer is a complex library that allows you to control Minecraft accounts through a powerful, stable, and high-level JavaScript API




Screenshots: Dashboard Settings

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