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review helper script for openQA

Project description

# openqa_review_script [![Build Status](]( [![CII Best Practices](](

A review helper script for openQA.

For more details read the documentation within openqa_review/

## Usage

` pip3 install -r requirements.txt pip3 install . `

or if you are using openSUSE distribution, it is recommended to use zypper, e.g.:

` zypper in python-openqa_review `

  • Call openqa-review from PATH, e.g. with –help

` openqa-review --help `

If openqa-review has to access non public servers which make use of custom Certificate Authorities (CA’s), it can happen that it fails because it can not verify the TLS certificate. By setting the environment variable REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE, one can supply a custom ca-certificate store to openqa-review e.g.:

` REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE="/my/custom/ca-bundle.pem" openqa-review `

If that doesn’t work, you can try the following setting: ` CURL_CA_BUNDLE="" `

## Communication

If you have questions, visit me on in #opensuse-factory

## Contribute

This project lives in

Feel free to add issues in github or send pull requests.

TODOs and ideas are tracked in the file TODO as well as github issues.

### Rules for commits

  • Every commit is checked by [Travis CI]( as soon as you create a pull request but you should run tox locally,

  • Make sure to keep the 100% test coverage, e.g. by adding test reference data for new scenarios. TDD is advised :-)

  • For git commit messages use the rules stated on [How to Write a Git Commit Message]( as a reference

If this is too much hassle for you feel free to provide incomplete pull requests for consideration or create an issue with a code change proposal.

## License

This project is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE file for details. Exceptions are the files under dashboard_files/ which are GPL-2 licensed coming from

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