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Project description

# Python Client library for OpenTMI

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This library purpose is to provide simple interface for OpenTMI -backend.

## installation

`python install`

## Test

`python test`

## Compile documentation

sphinx-apidoc -o docs/_static opentmi_client
make -C docs html

## Command Line Interface

Library provides Command line Interface to communicate with OpenTMI -backend

/> opentmi --help
usage: opentmi [-h] [--version VERSION] [--host HOST] [-p PORT] [--list LIST]
[--testcases TESTCASES]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version VERSION Prints package version and exits
--host HOST OpenTMI host, default: localhost
-p PORT, --port PORT OpenTMI port
--list LIST List something
--testcases TESTCASES

opentmi --host localhost --port 3000 --list --testcases 1

## Python API

from opentmi_client import Client
client = Client(host='', port=3000)
campaigns = client.get_campaigns()
testcases = client.get_testcases()
result = {
"tcid": "test-case",
"campaign": "my-campaign",
"exec": {
"verdict": "pass",
"duration": "8",
"sut": {
"gitUrl": "",
"commitId": "123",
"dut": {
"type": "hw",
"vendor": "ABC",
"model": "platform#1",
"sn": "123"
client.upload_results(result) # require valid result json object or converter function

Alternative you can set `result_converter()` and `testcase_converter()` -functions in OpenTmiClient constructor.
Converter functions will be used to convert application specific result object for opentmi suitable format.

Suitable result schema is described [here](

Test case document schema is available [here](


* `tcid` -field have to be unique for each test cases.
* There is couple mandatory fields by default: `tcid` and `exec.verdict`. Allowed values for result verdict is: `pass`, `fail`, `inconclusive`, `blocked` and `error`. `upload_results()` -function also create test case document if it doesn't exists in database.


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