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A library with support functions to be called from Odoo migration scripts.

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OpenUpgrade Library

A library with support functions to be called from Odoo migration scripts.


Always get the latest version through:

pip/pip3 install –ignore-installed git+


  • TODO


3.0.0 (2019-09-16)

  • [IMP] SQL version of last_message_post

  • [IMP] keep old module’s state when merging modules and the target is …

  • [ADD] delete_records_safely_by_xml_id

  • [FIX] rename_models: Rename correctly values (without ^)

  • [IMP] merge_records: Be more conservative on merge values

  • [RFR] No yaml import in Odoo 12

  • [ADD] Chunked method

  • [ADD] search and replace a single ID across the whole database

  • [RFR] Merge with existing method

  • [FIX] merge_records: bad column in _change_generic exclusion

  • [FIX] merge_records: escape column names in _change_foreign_key_refs

  • [FIX] merge_records: unreachable code due to bad condition in _change…

  • [IMP] merge_records: align sql queries to better visualization

  • [FIX] merge_records: missing argument in _delete_records_sql

  • [FIX] merge_records: missing argument in _adjust_merged_values_orm

  • [FIX] merge_records: tuples and lists don’t sum

  • [FIX] _adjust_merged_values_orm: char default case

  • [FIX] merge_records (orm): take into account inactive records

  • [FIX] _adjust_merged_values_orm: integer default case

  • [IMP] merge_records: add adjust values for binary & many2one

  • [FIX] merge_records: ensure value in merging many2one and binary types

  • [FIX] merge_records: if merging many2many, avoid warning of bad compa…

  • [FIX] Solve TypeError in _adjust_merged_values_orm

  • [IMP] merge_records: Put exception condition on records to be merged

  • [IMP] merge_records: Check which records to be merged exist

  • [FIX] merge_records: Handle better translatable fields

  • [FIX] Merge records on sql take into account rel tables

  • [IMP] openupgrade_merge_records: Improve code for handling m2m tables…

  • [FIX] SQL request into moved_fields function

  • [FIX] set_defaults: New api adaptation

  • [ADD] Clunky travis script to run functional tests across a range of Odoo versions

  • [FIX] openupgradelib: Manage null values to avoid TypeError when merging

  • [FIX] openupgrade_merge_records: filter should be properly applied

  • [FIX] openupgrade_merge_records: l[0] is not valid for filter object

  • [FIX] openupgradelib: _get_existing_records for v11 and above

  • [FIX] chunked: Adapt to all supported versions

  • [FIX] rename_models

  • [IMP] add_fields: Consider corner edges and >= v12

  • [IMP] Add XML conversion framework and Bootstrap 3 to 4 converter

  • [FIX] update_module_moved_fields: Allow v12

  • [IMP] Support multilang updates in Bootstrap 3 to 4 migration

  • [FIX] typo in 12.0 tools

  • [IMP] rename_models: add mail_message_subtype in rename_models

  • [FIX+IMP] convert_string_bootstrap_3to4: Don’t try to convert empty columns

  • [FIX] merge_recordS: bad query in _change_foreign_key_refs

  • [FIX] merge_records: bad query in _change_foreign_key_refs (part 2)

  • [FIX] merge_records: reduce queries in _change_foreign_key_refs

  • [FIX] Respect preexisting styles and attributes

  • [IMP] Allow callable XML replacements

  • [IMP] Translate from v11 Slider to v12 Carousel

  • [FIX] convert_xml_node: node.attrib doesn’t have copy() method

  • [FIX] Remove call to setdefault()

  • [IMP] update_module_names: rename instead of merge case

  • [ADD] copy_fields_multilang method

  • [FIX] Adapt logged_query to work with psycopg2.sql.SQL and similar helpers

  • [IMP] View translations are special

  • [FIX] openupgrade_merge_records: field XML ID v12

  • [IMP] For small tables it’s perfectly acceptable to drop index and then let Odoo recreate it, but with large tables this scenario is rather costly.

  • [IMP] delete_records_safely_by_xml_id: Avoid noisy log if the XML-ID is not found

  • [FIX] add_fields: Respect sql_type and build safe query

2.0.0 (2018-07-21)

  • [FIX] set_defaults: New api adaptation

  • [RVR] Python 3 compatibility

  • [IMP] load_data: support update mode where we never try to create records

  • [ADD] rename_fields: New method for renaming completely fields

  • [ADD] replace_account_types: Replace account types for Odoo 9.0

  • [ADD] delete_template_translations: New method for deleting translations of changed templates with noupdate true

  • [ADD] disable_invalid_filters

  • [FIX] Fix logging with non-ascii characters in exception

  • [IMP] rename_models: rename field xmlids

  • [ADD] add_fields: Add a field definition

  • [ADD] update_module_moved_fields: New method for updating module field when moving a field from one module to another

  • [IMP] rename_models: Handle properties that reference to the old model

  • [IMP] logged_query: Allow to not logging output if no records affected

  • [ADD] merge_records: New method for merging several records into a target one

  • [IMP] convert_binary_field_to_attachment: Conversion to attachment on large datasets

1.3.1 (2017-09-01)

  • [FIX] when renaming/deleting a module, rename/delete its xmlid

  • Added suggestion for latest version install in docs

  • [FIX] support versions without _fields

  • [FIX] m2o_to_x2m: Compatible with Odoo v10

1.3.0 (2017-05-01)

  • [IMP] rename_models: Add warning on docstring

  • [FIX] update_module_names: Rename non updated XML-ID occurences

  • [ADD] convert_binary_field_to_attachment

  • [RFR] Local logger; don’t force debug level

  • [FIX] Adapt code to docstring by passing env by default starting from 10.0

  • [FIX] protect openerp imports

  • [ADD] new logging decorator

1.2.2 (2016-12-27)

  • New argument merge_modules in update_module_names for merging several modules.

1.2.1 (2016-11-07)

  • [FIX] Broken compatibility of 1.2.0 with Odoo 8.0

  • [FIX] Fix argument name in migrate __doc__ to actual argument

1.2.0 (2016-10-10)

  • [IMP] Lift constraints

  • [IMP] Update module field in ir_model_fields when calling rename_models

  • [ADD] allow to create an environment automatically

  • [ADD] rename references to the model in mail related records

  • [ADD] rename_property

  • [IMP] clarifying docstring

  • [FIX] doc typo

  • [FIX] .travis.yml: remove Python 2.6 test

  • [RFR] Move column_exists so it can be used during loading

  • [MIG] 10.0 imports

1.1.2 (2016-06-13)

  • [FIX] missing %% in convert_field_to_html()

  • [FIX] Remove wrong docs

  • [FIX] Avoid broken updates

  • [IMP] Add new context manager allow_pgcodes

  • [FIX] support OpenERP version that don’t have cr.savepoint

1.1.1 (2015-10-30)

  • [IMP] New function ‘is_module_installed()’

  • [ADD] when renaming a model, also move link in ir_attachment

  • [FIX] Compatibility for OpenERP versions prior to 6.1

  • [FIX] use correct column name in rename_models

  • [IMP] .travis.yml: Add auto-deployment

  • [IMP] map_values: Support set & notset selectors

1.1.0 (2015-09-21)

  • [IMP] set_defaults: Don’t use ORM by default.

  • Remove pip imports which break coverage with pypy3

  • Add basic coverage configuration

  • Factor out duplicated metadata about package

  • [IMP] Google or NymPy docstrings

  • [IMP] docstrings copy_columns, rename_columns

  • [IMP] update_module_names: Handle ir_translation

  • [FIX] lib for working with old API (<= 7.0)

  • [FIX] set_defaults: Cope with inherited fields by delegation

1.0.0 (2015-08-10)

  • Rerelease to pypi with proper upload

  • Include requirements.txt

  • Mark as Beta

0.1.2 (2015-06-23)

  • Rewrite history with git filter-branch

  • Remove unneeded files from history * * * *

0.1.1 (2015-05-05)

  • Fixes to the tests

  • Add more badges

  • Fix pip install issue with required.txt

0.1.0 (2015-05-04)

  • First release on PyPI.

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