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An OMP (OpenVAS Management Protocol) client interface for Python

Project description


Hartmut Goebel <>

Version 0.1.0

OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System) is a network security scanner with associated tools. OpenVAS Version 3 introduces a new core component: The OpenVAS-Manager, a layer between OpenVAS-Scanner and various client applications such as OpenVAS-Client or Greenbone Security Assistant. Among other features, it adds server-side storage of scan results and it makes it unnecessary for a scan client to keep the connection open until the scan finishes.

OpenVAS Management Protocol (OMP) is the protocol based on XML to talk to the OpenVAS-Manager. openvas.omplib is a pure-Python implementation of OMP which allows easy access to the OpenVAS-Manager.

This package also includes a command line tool omp-cli for interacting with openvas-manager. For easy of usage, this tool uses sub-commands much like svn or openssl does.


manager = openvas.omplib.OMPClient(host=sensor), password)
manager.create_target(job_name, targets, comment)
task_id = manager.create_task(job_name, comment, config=config_name,
report_id = manager.start_task(task_id)
# ... later ...
report = manager.get_report(report_id)
print etree.tostring(report)

openvas.opmlib also supports a low-level interface where you can send OMP XML directly:

help_text = manager.xml('<help/>')

Examples for omp-cli usage:

omp-cli --help             # get help
omp-cli get-report --help  # get help on subcommand get-report
omp-cli get-status         # list tasks with stati and report-ids

                           # Retreive a report in PDF format
omp-cli get-report -fPDF 343435d6-91b0-11de-9478-ffd71f4c6f30 \
                   -o some-report.pdf

Requirements and Installation

openvas.omplib requires

  • Python 2.5 or higher with SSL support (which should be the

    default on most platforms) (NB: Python 3.x is not supported)

  • setuptools for installation (see below).

  • argparse (already included in Python starting with Python 2.7)

Hints for installing on Windows:

Following the links above you will find .msi and .exe-installers. Simply install them and continue with installing openvas.omplib.

Hints for installing on GNU/Linux:

Most current GNU/Linux distributions provide packages for the requirements. Look for packages names like python-setuptools and python-argparse. Simply install them and continue with installing openvas.omplib.

Hint for installing on other platforms:

Many vendors provide Python. Please check your vendors software repository. Otherwise please download Python 2.6 (or any higer version from the 2.x series) from and follow the installation instructions there.

After installing Python, install setuptools. You may want to read More Hints on Installing setuptools first.

Using setuptools, compiling and installing the remaining requirements is a piece of cake:

# if the system has network access
easy_install argparse

# without network access download argparse
# from and run
easy_install argparse-*.zip

Installing openvas.omplib

When you are reading this you most probably already downloaded and unpacked openvas.omplib. Thus installing is as easy as running:

python ./ install

Otherwise you may install directly using setuptools/easy_install. If your system has network access installing openvas.omplib is a breeze:

easy_install openvas.omplib

Without network access download openvas.omplib from and run:

easy_install openvas.omplib-*.tar.gz

More Hints on Installing setuptools

openvas.omplib uses setuptools for installation. Thus you need either

  • network access, so the install script will automatically download and install setuptools if they are not already installed


  • the correct version of setuptools preinstalled using the EasyInstall installation instructions. Those instructions also have tips for dealing with firewalls as well as how to manually download and install setuptools.

Custom Installation Locations

openvas.omplib is just a single script (aka Python program). So you can copy it where ever you want (maybe fixing the first line). But it’s easier to just use:

# install to /usr/local/bin
python ./ install --prefix /usr/local

# install to your Home directory (~/bin)
python ./ install --home ~

Please mind: This effects also the installation of argparse (and setuptools) if they are not already installed.

For more information about Custom Installation Locations please refer to the Custom Installation Locations Instructions before installing openvas.omplib.

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