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Open SonarQube API Handler

Project description

API Handler for SonarQube web service, providing basic authentication (which seems to be the only kind that SonarQube supports) and a few methods to run sonarqube API.


Install from PyPI:

pip install opn-sonarqube-api


This package is compatible Python versions 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6. Probably others, but those are the ones against which we build (by Travis CI).


The API handler is easy to use, you just need to initialize it with the connection parameters (by default localhost on port 9000 without authentication) and use any of the methods to get the required information or create rules.

Example getting projects with coverage and issues metrics:

from sonarqube_api.sonar import SonarAPI

h = SonarAPI(user='admin', password='admin')
for project in h.get_resources_full_data(metrics=['coverage', 'violations']):
    # do something with project data...

Since the actual response data from SonarQube server is usually paged, all methods return generators to optimize memory as well retrieval performance of the first items.

You can also specify a single resources to fetch, but keep in mind that the resource methods return generators, so you still need to get the next object:

proj = next(h.get_resources_full_data(resource='some:example'))

Sonar authentication tokens can also be used in place of username and password, which is particularly useful when accessing the SonarQube API from a CI server, as tokens can easily be revoked in the event of unintended exposure:

h = SonarAPI(token='f052f55b127bb06f63c31cb2064ea301048d9e5d')

Supported Methods

The methods supported by the SonarAPI are:

  • activate_rule: activate a rule for a given profile in the server

  • create_rule: create a rule in the server

  • get_metrics: yield metrics definition

  • get_rules: yield active rules

  • get_resources_debt: yield projects with their technical debt by category

  • get_resources_metrics: yield projects with some general metrics

  • get_resources_full_data: yield projects with their general metrics and technical debt by category (merge of previous two methods)

  • validate_authentication: validate authentication credentials

  • create_group

  • search_group

  • update_group

  • delete_group

  • create_permission_template

  • update_permission_template

  • search_permission_template

  • delete_permission_template

  • add_group_to_template

  • list_groups_of_template

  • remove_group_from_template

  • add_permission_to_user

  • remove_permission_to_user

  • add_permission_to_group

  • remove_permission_to_group

  • search_permission_for_group

  • generate_token

  • revoke_token

  • user_tokens

  • user_current

  • get_metrics

  • restore_quality_profile_from_xml

  • create_quality_profile

  • add_project_to_quality_profile

  • delete_quality_profile

  • activate_rule

  • get_resources_debt

  • get_resources_metrics

  • create_rule

  • get_rules

  • get_resources_full_data

  • setting

  • getting

  • list_qualitygates

  • show_qualitygates

  • create_qualitygates

  • destroy_qualitygates

  • create_condition_qualitygates

  • create_quality_gate_from_json

  • delete_condition_qualitygates

  • update_condition_qualitygates

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