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Poll App for Opps CMS

Project description


Application Poll for Opps


Version: 0.1.x

* Custom urls
* Custom templates
* Single or Multiple choice pool
* Results page
* Hide/Show results page
* Block multiple votes by cookie
* End date and Start date
* Allow images for each choice
* Set min and max allowed choices for voting


``python install``


``pip install opps-polls``



Include opps.polls on your django settings



Include in your project before the opps entry

urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^poll/', include('opps.polls.urls', namespace='polls', app_name='polls')),
url(r'^', include('opps.urls')),

Create the tables

python syncdb
You should see:

Creating table polls_poll
Creating table polls_pollpost
Creating table polls_choice

Now **opps.polls** is available on your Django admin and you can access the url *http://..../poll/*

Application URLs

* List all polls
* List all polls by channel
/poll/channel/< channel-slug >
* Poll voting page
/poll/< poll-slug >
* Poll results page
/poll/< poll-slug >/results (you can use any word here i.e: /poll/< poll-slug >/resultados)

Application Templates

For any template the context has the following objects:

* poll (The poll)
* voted (The choices when the user has voted)
* error (A string message when there is some error)

**Default template files**

* polls/pool_list.html (List all polls)
* polls/pool_detail.html (Show details and voting form)
* polls/pool_voted.html (Showed after the user has voted)
* polls/pool_result.html (Results percentage)
* polls/pool_closed.html (Showed when poll is not opened for voting or results)

**Custom template files**

polls will try to find the most specific template to render.
You can choose some ways to force a custom template
In order of precedence:

1. Set **template_path** in each poll object
2. Create a **polls/< channel-slug >/< poll-slug >_<sufix>.html**
3. Create a **polls/< channel-slug >_< sufix >.html**
4. Create a **polls/< poll-slug >_< sufix >.html**
5. Create a **polls/poll_< sufix >.html**

Available sufix are: list, detail, voted, result, closed

The place to create issues is `polls github issues <>`_. The more information you send about an issue, the greater the chance it will get fixed fast.

If you are not sure about something, have a doubt or feedback, or just want to ask for a feature, feel free to join `our mailing list <>`_, or, if you're on FreeNode (IRC), you can join the chat #opps .


Copyright 2013 `YACOWS <>`_. and other contributors

Licensed under the `MIT License <>`_

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