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Small wrapper around faker, to make values optional!

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Small wrapper around faker, to make values optional!


>>> from faker import Faker
>>> fake = Faker()
>>> Faker.seed(0)
>>> # `fake.optional` can take any value, and return it, or None.
>>> fake.optional(fake.pystr())
>>> # or it can take callable, and *args with **kwargs
>>> # that will be passed to this callable.
>>> fake.optional(fake.pystr, 1, max_chars=10)
>>> # there is no explicit check is callable a faker part,
>>> # so you can pass anything.
>>> fake.optional(lambda: "my callable!")


pip install optional-faker

And then you need to import optional_faker anywhere but before creating Faker instance.

Installing for local developing

git clone
cd optional-faker

Installing poetry

Next we need install poetry with recommended way.

If you use Linux, use command:

curl -sSL | python -

If you use Windows, open PowerShell with admin privileges and use:

(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing).Content | python -

Installing dependencies

poetry install

If something is not clear

You can always write me!


pip install -U optional-faker

For local development

For updating, just re-download repository, if you used git for downloading, just run git pull.


This project was inspired by faker-optional.

This project was generated with python-template. Current template version: 4a2261d1a645d05e269c2f4b02c0b68203ad72fa. See what updated.

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