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Some useful script for Orangepi/Raspberrypi boards

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Control functions for Single-Board computers

Tested on Lubuntu

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By Moduland Co


Source Code

  • Download Version 0.50 or Latest Source
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt or pip install -r requirements.txt (Need root access)
  • python3 install or python install



Easy install

  • Run easy_install --upgrade orangetool (Need root access)


IP Functions

import orangetool

#1- local_ip

local_ip=orangetool.local_ip() # this function return local ip of board as string

#2- global_ip

global_ip=orangetool.global_ip() # this function return global ip of board as string

#3- internet 

status=orangetool.internet() #this function check internet connection and return True if internet connection is stable

#4- ping #this function check ip and return True if this ip is available in network and False otherwise

#5- set_ip

orangetool.set_ip("","eth0")  #this function set static ip for system

#6- mac

mac_dic=orangetool.mac() # return dict of all system net devices mac addresses

#7- network_enable

status=network_enable("eth0") # enable network device

#8- network_disable

status=network_disable("eth0") # disable network device

RAM Functions

#1- total ram

ram=orangetool.ram_total() #this function return total ram of the board

#2- free ram

ram=orangetool.ram_free() # this function return how much ram is available in the board

#3- ram percentage

ram=orangetool.ram_percent() # this function return used ram percentage

#4- used percentage

ram=orangetool.ram_used() # this function return used ram 

#5- freeup

orangetool.freeup() # To free pagecache, dentries and inodes and return freeuped amount

Storage Functions

#1- mount_status

mount_details=orangetool.mount_status("sda1") # This function return mount addresses of input device

#2- storage_status

mount_details=orangetool.storage_status() # This function return all of the inserted storage and their status

#3- unmount

orangetool.unmount("/mnt/usb1") # This function unmount input device

#4- unmount_all

orangetool.unmount_all() #This function unmount all of the mounted devices

#5- mount

orangetool.mount("sda1","/mnt/usb1") # This function mount input device in input addresses

#6- usb_on

orangetool.usb_on() # This function enable USB

#7- usb_off

orangetool.usb_off() # This function disable USB

Display Functions

#1- hdmi_on

orangetool.hdmi_on() # turn on hdmi port

#2- hdmi_off

orangetool.hdmi_off() # turn off hdmi port

#3- hdmi_size

orangetool.hdmi_size(1280,720) # this function change hdmi display resolution

System Functions

#1- sleep

orangetool.sleep() # put system in sleep mode

#2- hibernate

orangetool.hibernate() # put system in hibernate mode

#3- halt

orangetool.halt() # poweroff system

#4- restart

orangetool.restart() # restart system

#5- wakeup

orangetool.wakeup(day=1,hour=0,minute=1,sync=True) # set rtc wakeuptime

#6- get_temp

temp=orangetool.get_temp() # this function return cpu temperature as string

#7- uptime

time=orangetool.uptime() # this function return uptime of system

#8- idletime

time=orangetool.idletime() # this function return idle of system ( all cores)

#9- version

orangetool.version() # return orangetool version for test

#10- check_update

orangetool.check_update() # Return True if new version is available
  • All of the functions in error state return Error String
  • local_ip and global_ip originally are available in ipz package Link
  • RAM functions in this version need psutil package
  • Running set_ip function remotely will freeze your terminal so it's better to set restart parameter to True
  • Running halt,restart,hibernate & sleep functions remotely will freeze your terminal
  • Some of funtions need root access so it's better to run sudo -s before use this tool

Issues & Bug Reports

Just fill an issue and describe it. We'll check it ASAP! or send an email to


master dev


If you use orangetool in your research , please cite this ;-)

Sepand Haghighi. 2017. Moduland/Orangetool: Version 0.23. (July 2017). DOI:

Donate to our project

If you feel like our project is important can you please support us? Our project is not and is never going to be working for profit. We need the money just so we can continue doing what we do.

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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


0.50 - 2021-01-01


  • network_control, network_enable and network_disable functions


  • sync parameter added to wakeup function
  • debug parameter added to internet function

0.45 - 2020-12-26


  • __version__ variable
  • hibernate function
  • usb_control, usb_on and usb_off functions


  • dev-requirements.txt modified
  • Test system modified
  • DEBUG parameter renamed to debug
  • All parameters moved to
  • Some functions moved to
  • ADDRESS parameter renamed to address
  • Zone parameter renamed to zone
  • uptime and idletime functions updated
  • Docstrings updated
  • modified

0.35 - 2019-06-01


  • autopep8.bat
  • dev-requirements.txt


  • modified
  • Test system modified
  • restart, halt and sleep functions modified
  • hdmi_on and hdmi_off functions modified
  • version function modified
  • requirements.txt modified
  • DEVICE parameter renamed to device in set_ip function
  • restart parameter added to set_ip function

0.25 - 2017-09-14


  • Minor bug in PyPi dependencies fixed

0.24 - 2017-07-21


  • Minor bugs fixed

0.23 - 2017-07-15


  • Check_update function


  • Minor bugs fixed

0.22 - 2017-03-30


  • Version function


  • Minor bugs fixed

0.2 - 2017-03-06


  • idletime function
  • mount,unmount functions


  • Some bugs fixed

0.1 - 2017-02-15


  • Some useful scripts for Orangepi/Raspberrypi boards

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