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Controller class for communicating with an Oriel Cornerstone 260 monochromator.

Project description

Oriel Cornerstone 260

A library allowing easy control over Oriel Cornerstone 260 monochromators.

Install with python -m pip install oriel-cornerstone-260


Represents a monochromator.

  • Monochromator( port, timeout = 5 ): Creates a new monochromator for the device at the specificed port, with the provided communication timeout.


Low Level

Low level methods allows reading and writing to the device.

  • connect(): Connects to the device.

  • disconnect(): Disconnects from the device.

  • write( msg ): Writes a message to the device. Termination characters are added.

  • read(): Reads a single response from the device.

  • command( cmd, *args ): Sends a command to the device with the given arguments. Returns the command.

  • query( msg ): Queries the device. Returns a Response object.

High Level

High level methods are convenience methods used for commonly needed functions.

  • goto( wavelength ): Goes to the given wavelength.

  • abort(): Starts the given channel.

  • set_grating( grating ): Sets the grating to the given number.

  • shutter( close = True ): Open or close the shutter.

  • set_outport( port ): Sets the output port.

  • slit_width( slit, width = None ): Gets or sets the slit width.


  • _com: Serial connection from pyserial.
  • connected: Whether the device is connected or not.
  • port: Device port.
  • term_chars: Termination characters used for reading and writing. [Default: '\r\n']
  • info: Device info.
  • position: Wavelength position.
  • grating: Current grating and its properties. Returns a dictionary with number, lines, and label.
  • shuttered: Whether the shutter is closed or open.
  • outport: The output port.


A namedtuple with properties statement which represents the command, and response.


A basic example for using a Monochromator.

from oriel_cornerstone_260.monochromator import Monochromator

# create device
mono = Monochromator( 'COM9' )

# print monochromator info
print( )

# go to 600 nm
mono.goto( 600 )


A Monochromator is a ultimately a Serial object from pyserial, so you can call any functions on a Monochromator that you would on a Serial object.

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