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Control Orka clusters and the macOS VMs they run.

Project description


An SDK for interacting with Orka clusters and the macOS VMs they run.



pip install orka_sdk


Get token

from orka_sdk.orka_sdk import OrkaSDK

orka = OrkaSDK()
orka.login(user='', password='password',license_key='license-key')

Revoke token


VM Management

Define and create a VM

# Define a VM
vm_data = {
	'vm_name': 'fake-name',
	'orka_base_image': 'my-image.img',
	'core_count': '3',
	'vcpu_count': '3'

# Create a VM
r = orka.create_vm(vm_data)  
vm =

Get VM by id

r = orka.get_vm_by_id('<vm_id>')
vm =

Get VM by name

r = orka.get_vm_by_name('<vm_name>')
vm =

Iterate over all VMs in system and execute a remote command on each

r = orka.list_system_vms()
for vm in
	r = vm.exec('printenv')

Commit current state of deployed VM to base image and clean up


Save a deployed VM's state as an Image

r = orka.save_vm_as_image('new-image.img', vm)

Commit VM state to base image

r = orka.commit_vm_state_to_base_image()

Purge VM

r = orka.purge_vm(vm)

Delete VM

r = orka.delete_vm(vm)

Start VM

r = orka.start_vm(vm)

Stop VM

r = orka.stop_vm(vm)

Suspend VM

r = orka.suspend_vm(vm)

Resume VM

r = orka.resume_vm(vm)

Revert VM

r = orka.revert_vm(vm)

Get VM status

r = orka.get_vm_status(vm)

VM Instances

VM Properties

Name Description
ip The ip address of the deployed VM
name The VM's name
ssh_port The VM's ssh port
id The VM's unique id
ram Available RAM
vcpu Virtual CPU count
cpu CPU count
io_boost I/O boost enabled
use_saved_state Used saved VM state at boot
gpu_passthrough GPU passthrough to host Node GPU enabled
screen_share_port The VM's screen share port
vnc_port The VM's vnc port
ssh_client Paramiko ssh client associated with the VM
sftp_client Paramiko ssh client associated with the VM
ssh_user The SSH user associated with the VM
ssh_pass The SSH password associated with the VM

VM Methods


Upload a file to a deployed VM

local_path = '/local/file/path'
dest_path = '/remote/file/path'

# Upload file
r = vm.upload(local_path, dest_path)

# Confirm success
r = vm.exec(f'cat {dest_path}')


Download a file from a deployed VM

remote_path = '/remote/file/path'
local_path = '/local/file/path'
r =, local_path)


Execute a remote command on a deployed VM

r = vm.exec('printenv')


Write an env var export statement to a deployed VM's .zshenv or elsewhere

data = {'FOO': 'bar'}
r = vm.write_persistent_env_var(data)

Alternatively, you can also pass a destination filepath, like so:

dest = '/Users/admin/.bash_profile'
data = {'foo': 'bar'}
r = vm.write_persistent_env_var(data=data, dest=dest)


Enable auto-login on a deployed VM

r = vm.enable_auto_login()


Create a launch daemon that calls an executable at machine startup

data = {'name':'my_launch_daemon', 'path_to_executable': '/path/to/executable'}
r = vm.create_launch_daemon(data)


Install Homebrew packages listed in a Brewfile.

NOTE: Homebrew must be installed on the VM

file_path = '/path/to/Brewfile'
r = vm.install_brew_packages(file_path)

K8s Management

Deploy a k8s service


Delete a k8s service


Create a k8s deployment


Delete a k8s deployment


Image Management

List images

r = orka.images.list()

Get image by name

r = orka.images.get('<image_name>')

Delete image

r = orka.images.delete('<image_name>')

Node Management

List nodes

r = orka.nodes.list()

Get node status

r = orka.nodes.get_status('<node_name>')

CI/CD Integrations

GitHub Actions Controller

from orka_sdk.gha_controller import GHAController

controller = GHAController()


Project details

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