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A os-aio-pod component for transporting.

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A os-aio-pod component for transporting.

This lib is designed as a component of os-aio-pod framework. It is mainly used for transporting data between TCP endpoints. The os-aio-pod built-in TCP server is used as background drive engine. With the middleware/extension mechanism, you can easily build aio programs like Proxy or MITM server.


pip install os-aio-pod-channel


  • Engine: Used to adapt with os-aio-pod framework, drive the whole event loop. It is also an access point for the components communicate with each other.
  • Endpoint: Each incoming or outgoing connection is called endpoint. typically, just engine use it's APIs to read, write data or close connection.
  • Channel: When incoming and outgoing endpoints all connected, a channel between them established. The engine is in charge of it's inner transporting status.
  • Middleware: Used to communicate with channel and handle data.
  • Extension: Used for functional expansion. Can be accessed from engine instance.


This lib is used with os-aio-pod. Typically, you should define a configure file and run with os-aio-pod command line tool.

A minimal configure file (do nothing, just accept TCP connection, read and drop):

BEANS  = [
        'core'  : 'os_aio_pod.contrib.tcp_server.TCPServerAdapter',
        'server': 'os_aio_pod_channel.engine.Engine',
        'MIDDLEWARES': [],
        'EXTENSIONS': [],
os-aio-pod run -c --debug


When data transporting or channel closed the corresponding method of middlewares will be invoked in specific order. You should inherit from os_aio_pod_channel.middleware.Middleware and configure class, id and other parameters of each middleware in MIDDLEWARES list.


You shold inherit from os_aio_pod_channel.extension.Extension and config class, name and other parameters of each extension in EXTENSIONS list. You can get extension by engine.extension_manager.get_extension(extension_name)

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MIT licensed.

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