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Scrapy Crawler for RQ

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This project provide Crawler for RQ mode. Based on Scrapy 2.0+, require Python 3.6+

The Scrapy framework is used for crawling specific sites. It is not good for "Broad Crawls". The Scrapy built-in schedule mechanism is not for many domains, it use one channel queue for requests of all different domains. The scheduler can not decide to crawl request of the specified domain.

The RQ mode is the key mechanism/concept for broad crawls. The key point is RQ(request queue), actually it is a banch of queues, requests of different domains in the different sub-queues.

Deploy with the os-rq-pod and os-rq-hub you can build a large scalable distributed "Broad Crawls" system.

Quick Start

We offer Crawler for RQ mode. Because the Scrapy framework can not custom Crawler class, so you can use os-scrapy(installed with this project) to start crawling.

  • install

    pip install os-scrapy-rq-crawler
  • start your project

    os-scrapy startproject <your_project>
  • set Crawler class and enable asyncio reactor in project

    CRAWLER_CLASS = "os_scrapy_rq_crawler.asyncio.Crawler"
    TWISTED_REACTOR = "twisted.internet.asyncioreactor.AsyncioSelectorReactor"
  • start crawling example spider

    os-scrapy crawl example


pip install os-scrapy-rq-crawler

When you already installed os-scrapy, you can run example spider directly in this project root path

os-scrapy crawl example


This project offer Crawler class can be used in your project by config in file. And it can also be used as a scrapy project directly.

Crawler Class

This project provide Crawler to enable RQ mode. The Scrapy framework can not config Crawler class, so you can use os-scrapy to specify

  • in the

    CRAWLER_CLASS = "os_scrapy_rq_crawler.asyncio.Crawler"
  • or with -c command line option

    os-scrapy crawl -c os_scrapy_rq_crawler.asyncio.Crawler example

Because the Crawler deponds on asyncio reactor, so you need to enable it

  • in the

    TWISTED_REACTOR = "twisted.internet.asyncioreactor.AsyncioSelectorReactor"
  • or with -r command line option

    os-scrapy crawl -r asyncio example

Request Queue

RQ is just a conception can be implements in different ways.

  • config in the file

    SCHEDULER_REQUEST_QUEUE = "os_scrapy_rq_crawler.AsyncRequestQueue"
  • os_scrapy_rq_crawler.MemoryRequestQueue

    • the default requet queue
    • all requests in memory
    • the spider closed when no requests in the queue and spider is idle
  • os_scrapy_rq_crawler.AsyncRequestQueue

    • can be used with os-rq-pod or os-rq-hub as external request queue

    • the spider will not closed even if no requests to crawl

    • config the pod/hub http api in the

      RQ_API = "http://localhost:6789/api/"
    • config the api timeout

      RQ_API_TIMEOUT = 3.0
  • os_scrapy_rq_crawler.MultiUpstreamRequestQueue

    • same as os_scrapy_rq_crawler.AsyncRequestQueue, can configure multi upstreams request queues

    • config the pod/hub http apis in the

      RQ_API = ["http://server01:6789/api/", "http://server02:6789/api/"]


Our RQ mode Crawler is a substitute of the Scrapy built-in Crawler. Most of the Scrapy functionalities(middleware/extension) can also be used as normal.

There are some tips:

  • the request queue is fifo, priority is not supported yet
  • the requests come from downloader middlewares will push to the head of the request queue
  • the request of the same domain will not crawl concurrently, CONCURRENT_REQUESTS control the max concurrency and DOWNLOAD_DELAY control the download dely
  • you can set request delay: request.meta["download_delay"] = 3.0

Unit Tests

sh scripts/


MIT licensed.

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