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OSENSA IMOS Python library

Project description

Python module for interfacing with the OSENSA IMOS.

Refer to for source code and examples.


Release 0.2.4:

  • Add write() method

  • Revise streaming logic

  • Add misc helper methods

Release 0.2.3b1:

  • Revise streaming logic to match updated firmware logic

  • Add logic to flush RX/TX buffers before read/write to workaround bug with minimalmodbus

Release 0.2.2b1:

  • Remove dependence on IMOS class for the methods convert_binary_file(), update_crc() and __crc_table_init()

  • Add logic to catch IO errors on IMOS read

Release 0.2.1b1:

  • Improve unicode handling in stop_stream and dictionary()

  • Fix timeout bug in dictionary()

  • Add option to save flash settings in stop_stream()

  • Add function to convert binary files to CSV

Release 0.2.0b2:

  • Fix unicode decode handling in stop_stream()

Release 0.2.0b1:

  • Add saveToFlash option for start stream method

  • Add method for saving calibration to file

  • Add method for loading calibration from file

Release 0.1.9b1:

  • Revert back to Python 3 support

  • Integrate start_stream() logic into osensaimos library

Release 0.1.8b1:

  • Adjust code to support Python 2 instead of 3

  • Add start_stream() method to example

Release 0.1.7b1:

  • Fix ‘no atrribute’ bug when using update_crc()

  • Fix bugs with set_baudrate() logic

Release 0.1.6b1:

  • Add method to get device firmware version

  • Adjust dump_calibration() output format

Release 0.1.5b1:

  • Fix minor bugs

Release 0.1.4b1:

  • Add new custom modbus actions

Release 0.1.3b1:

  • Add stream mode bug fixes and parse logic

Release 0.1.2b1:

  • Restructure package and add example file

Release 0.1.1b1:

  • Initial release

Release 0.1.0b1:

  • Test release

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osensaimos-0.2.4.tar.gz (38.8 kB view hashes)

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osensaimos-0.2.4-py3-none-any.whl (33.8 kB view hashes)

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