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Create networkx graphs from OpenStreetMap data

Project description


Create [networkx]( graphs from OpenStreetMap (OSM)
data. `osmgraph` uses
[imposm-parser]( for parsing
OpenStreetMap XML (including bz2) and PBF
files and [osmqa-parser]( for parsing
[OSM QA tiles](


>>> import osmgraph
>>> g = osmgraph.parse_file(filename)

Graph Structure
`osmgraph` parses OSM data to create a networkx [directed graph]( OSM nodes correspond directly to the nodes in the directed graph. The OSM tags become attributes of the node. Additionally `osmgraph` adds a `coordinate` attribute containing the (lon, lat) tuple of the node's coordinates.

For example:
>>> g = osmgraph.parse_file('boston_massachusetts.osm.bz2')

Given the following XML node:
<node id="665539692" lat="42.3971185" lon="-71.0207486" version="2" timestamp="2014-06-25T04:45:25Z" changeset="23135192" uid="422979" user="Parcanman">
<tag k="railway" v="level_crossing"/>

>>> g.node[665539692]
{'coordinate': (-71.0207486, 42.3971185), 'railway': 'level_crossing'}

Similarly, the nodes comprising an OSM way form the graph's edges. The way's attributes are duplicated across the edges. For example, given the following XML way:
<way id="8636532" version="13" timestamp="2011-01-14T00:47:46Z" changeset="6963395" uid="381909" user="JessAk71">
<nd ref="61448456"/>
<nd ref="1102764005"/>
<nd ref="1099120555"/>
<nd ref="1099120556"/>
<nd ref="61420229"/>
<nd ref="61420222"/>
<nd ref="61420249"/>
<nd ref="61420207"/>
<nd ref="61420214"/>
<nd ref="643774918"/>
<tag k="name" v="North Washington Street"/>
<tag k="width" v="30.2"/>
<tag k="oneway" v="yes"/>
<tag k="source" v="massgis_import_v0.1_20071008193615"/>
<tag k="highway" v="primary"/>
<tag k="condition" v="fair"/>
<tag k="attribution" v="Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)"/>
<tag k="massgis:way_id" v="134349"/>

>>> g[61448456][1102764005]
{'attribution': 'Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)',
'condition': 'fair',
'highway': 'primary',
'massgis:way_id': '134349',
'name': 'North Washington Street',
'oneway': 'yes',
'source': 'massgis_import_v0.1_20071008193615',
'width': '30.2'}

Ways that are not oneway roads will have edges in both directions.

See Also
* [networkx](
* [OSM QA Tiles](
* [imposm.parser](

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