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Parser for osr files and lzma replay streams for osu!

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osrparse, a python parser for osu! replays

This is a parser for the .osr format for osu! replay files, as described by the wiki.


To install, simply:

pip install osrparse


Please see the full documentation for a comprehensive guide: A quickstart follows below for the impatient, but you should read the full documentation if you are at all confused.


from osrparse import Replay, parse_replay_data
# parse from a path
replay = Replay.from_path("path/to/osr.osr")

# or from an opened file object
with open("path/to/osr.osr") as f:
    replay = Replay.from_file(f)

# or from a string
with open("path/to/osr.osr") as f:
    replay_string =
replay = Replay.from_string(replay_string)

# a replay has various attributes
r = replay
print(r.mode, r.game_version, r.beatmap_hash, r.username,
    r.replay_hash, r.count_300, r.count_100, r.count_50,
    r.count_geki, r.count_miss, r.score, r.max_combo, r.perfect,
    r.mods, r.life_bar_graph, r.timestamp, r.replay_data,
    r.replay_id, r.rng_seed)

# parse the replay data from api v1's /get_replay endpoint
lzma_string = retrieve_from_api()
replay_data = parse_replay_data(lzma_string)
# replay_data is a list of ReplayEvents

# write a replay back to a path

# or to an opened file object
with open("path/to/osr.osr") as f:

# or to a string
packed = replay.pack()

# edited attributes are saved
replay.username = "fake username"

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