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pytest extensions for OpenTelemetry

Project description

otel-extensions-pytest: A pytest extension for OpenTelemetry

otel-extensions-pytest is a pytest plugin that will automatically instrument a pytest-based test session, wrapping the test session in a span and wrapping each test in a child span.


  • Python >= 3.6
  • pytest >= 6.2


pip install

You can install through pip using:

pip install otel-extensions-pytest

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install otel-extensions-pytest)


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)


Enable the plugin by adding

pytest_plugins = ("otel_extensions_pytest",)

to your, or by adding the option -p otel_extensions_pytest to the pytest command line.

For tracing to be enabled, you need to specify a trace receiver endpoint using the command-line option --otel-endpoint or by setting the environment variable OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT. e.g. --otel-endpoint http://localhost:4317/

The full set of options are shown here:

Command-line Option Environment Variable Description
--otel_service_name OTEL_SERVICE_NAME Name of resource/service for traces
--otel_session_name OTEL_SESSION_NAME Name of parent session span
--otel_endpoint OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT OTLP Receiver Endpoint
--otel_protocol OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_PROTOCOL protocol for OTLP receiver (supported: gprc , http/protobuf , custom)
--otel_processor_type OTEL_PROCESSOR_TYPE Span Processor type (batch: use BatchSpanProcessor, simple: use SimpleSpanProcessor
--otel_traceparent TRACEPARENT Parent span id. Will be injected into current context (useful when running automated tests using the OpenTelemetry Jenkins plugin)
n/a OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_CERTIFICATE path to CA bundle for verifying TLS cert of receiver endpoint
n/a OTEL_EXPORTER_CUSTOM_SPAN_EXPORTER_TYPE Custom span exporter class (needed if protocol set to custom)

Additional Features

@instrumented_fixture decorator

You can decorate fixtures by using the @instrumented_fixture decorator. If the fixture is a generator (i.e. has a yield statement), separate spans will be created for the setup and teardown phases.

from otel_extensions_pytest import instrumented_fixture

# note: all options of pytest.fixture() are supported (autouse, etc)
def my_fixture():
    """ Span is automatically created using `my_fixture` as span name """
    return "foo"

def my_generator_fixture():
    # A span named `my_generator_fixture (setup)` is automatically created for this section
    yield "foo"
    # A span named `my_generator_fixture (teardown)` is automatically created for this section

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