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Multi-file compose/stack helper

Project description


Otta is a compose file inheretance helper


For simple usecases builtin defaults of docker-compose are just fine. But systems do grow and the following problems are appearing:

  • shell commands are becoming longer
  • code duplication in compose files is getting worse
  • project root directory is getting bloated with compose files
  • complex compose configurations need up to date documentation


Without Otta:

docker-compose -f base.yml -f local.yml -f mock_emails.yml -p local up

With Otta:

otta up

Otta file and otta directory

Otta directory:

├── base.yml
├── local.yml
├── mock_mail_server.yml
├── prod_common.yml
├── prod_a.yml
├── prod_b.yml
└── otta.yml

Otta file:

  - base.yml
  - local.yml
  - mock_mail_server.yml
  - prod_common.yml
  - prod_a.yml
  - prod_b.yml

default_recipe: local

    project_name: local
      - base.yml
      - local.yml
          - mock_mail_server.yml

      - base.yml
      - prod_common.yml
      - prod_a.yml

    project_name: production
      - base.yml
      - prod_common.yml
      - prod_b.yml


Otta configuration is a directory with compose files and single otta file.

Otta files defines

  • root property files that defines all the files that can be used in recipes
  • root property default_recipe that defines... well, default recipe
  • the most important property, recipes defines available recipes

Each recipe has

  • name, 1 to 40 symbols: letters, numbers and underscores
  • optional project_name, with identical restrictions
  • files, list of files defined in root property
  • options, optional definition of available options

Options have name (1 to 20 symbols, numbers letters and underscores) and files property.

CLI reference

Otta and it's variants determine recipe from OTTA_REC env variable.

Recipe specification is either just recipe (local), or recipe with options (local+mockmail)

OTTA_FILE is path to otta file, absolute or relative

Setting OTTA_DEBUG to 1 makes the program print debug info

otta binary

otta call is equal to docker-compose -f base.yml -f local.yml -p local

skara binary

skara call is equal to docker stack deploy -c base.yml -c local.yml

project_name is ignored

kumla binary

kumla call is equal to kompose -f base.yml -f local.yml

project_name is ignored


Please report all problems to GitLab

Pull requests are welcome

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