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Mixin which converts ``data class instance`` and others each other more simple.

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(゚∀゚) v5.0 have breaking changes
  • TIterator#group_by
    • Return TDict[TList[T]] instead of TDict[TIterator[T]]
(゚∀゚) v4.0 have breaking changes
  • OwlMixin
    • Must use keyword arguments in from_XXX and to_XXX except for some ones
    • from_csvf -> from_csvf_to_list
  • TList
    • head -> take
    • partial -> partition (switch left and right)
  • transformers.XXX
    • Must use keyword arguments in
      • to_dict
      • to_dicts
      • to_json
      • to_jsonf
      • to_yaml
      • to_yamlf
      • to_csv
      • to_csvf

💪 Motivation

Have you ever wanted to write robust code in Python? This library will make such your wishes come true.

Define your data class which is extend OwlMixin, you can use some useful methods which help your codes robust. See following Example and API Reference sections.

💃 Installation

pip install owlmixin

📜 API Reference

👉 Examples

from owlmixin import OwlMixin, OwlEnum, TOption, TList

class Color(OwlEnum):
    RED = "red"
    GREEN = "green"
    BLUE = "blue"

class Food(OwlMixin):
    id: int
    name: str
    color: TOption[Color]

class Human(OwlMixin):
    id: int
    name: str
    favorite: TList[Food]

jiro = Human.from_dict({
    "id": 10,
    "name": "jiro",
    "favorite": [
        {"id": 1, "name": "apple"},
        {"id": 2, "name": "orange", "color": "green"}



>>> print(jiro.to_dict())
{'id': 10, 'name': 'jiro', 'favorite': [{'id': 1, 'name': 'apple'}, {'id': 2, 'name': 'orange', 'color': 'green'}]}

>>> print(jiro.favorite[0].to_pretty_json())
    "id": 1,
    "name": "apple"

>>> print(jiro.to_yaml())
  - id: 1
    name: apple
  - color: green
    id: 2
    name: orange
id: 10
name: jiro

>>> print(jiro.favorite.to_csv(['id', 'name', 'color'], with_header=True))

You can also use methods chains as following.

from owlmixin import OwlMixin, TOption, TIterator

class Repository(OwlMixin):
    id: int
    name: str
    description: TOption[str]
    stargazers_count: int

class GithubRepository(OwlMixin):
    total_count: int
    incomplete_results: bool
    items: TIterator[Repository]


>>> print(
...     GithubRepository
...         .from_json_url("")
...         .items
...         .filter(lambda x: x.stargazers_count > 100)
...         .order_by(lambda x: x.stargazers_count, True)
...         .take(5)
...         .emap(lambda v, i: {
...             'RANK': i+1,
...             'STAR': v.stargazers_count,
...             'NAME':,
...             'DESCRIPTION': v.description
...         })
...         .to_csv(fieldnames=["RANK", "STAR", "NAME", "DESCRIPTION"], with_header=True)
... )
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Don't you think smart?

💻 For developers


  • poetry
  • make


  1. Development on master and if you need branches and issues, create them
  2. Commit with prefix emoji such as "📝", and suffix issue number like "#120"


# Create env
$ poetry env use <path of python 3.8>
$ poetry install

# Build documentation and run server locally
$ make serve-docs

# Test (Doc test & Unit test)
$ make test

📦 Release


  • poetry
  • make
  • ghr


make release version=x.y.z

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